ArtsCow Offers Custom Makeup Bags for Under One Dollar

The internet has been buzzing and I have found myself unable to resist. ArtsCow is an online business that specializes in sticking custom photographs on everything from watches to playing cards. One of their products, makeup bags in varying sizes, is of particular interest. If you can’t find products you like with adorable packaging, you may as well compensate by placing them in fabulous bags. Even better: with a few coupons, the price is unreal.
Although the website mostly features children from the 1990s, you are welcome to adorn your baag in anything you see fit.
I picked up one in a size “large”.

For scale, this is the sort of things you might be able to fit in this bag:

The second one I got was a size “extra-large”.

For scale:

As you can see, the bags are generously sized. The fabric is hardly high quality, but given the price point it is as good as can be expected. Given that you can decorate them however you see fit, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

If you’re feeling generous, please feel free to use my referral link here.

The code PHOTOGIFTS99 will get you one bag for 99 cents. MAKEUPBAG will get you three for $8.99. Because this second code works even after you have used the first one, I have already found myself planning three new and even more hilarious makeup bags.


  1. I just got all of the Stila In The…Palettes. PLease Please Please do looks with yours!

2. May or may not need to get one of my dog #crazydoglady

3. New to your blog and I appreciate your critical reviews. Also those bags are awesome, definitely ordering some.

4. Thanks for the code! Curious- what was your wait time from order to delivery?

5. There is just so many options for securing the customised carrier bags bag and I really dislike all the straps hanging around when tightened. I taped some of them to avoid getting them tangled somewhere, but what can I say, it’s still a minus for me.

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7. At the intersection of my love of Renaissance, makeup and funny cats lies that bag.

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9. Just amazing!!!!! These designs are specific and i am such a lot enamored withe these handbags. i do not know why but I’m having imagination of various cartoon characters in these bags and i am such a lot liking it. I’m always probing for new design bags, I’m so glad that I’ve found your post. Thanks for sharing.

10. The color of the bag is not too bright. It actually looks very nice and it is almost the perfect size for me. I was concerned that it may be too bright, but it wasn’t.
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11. The cat print bag you made is crazemazing. I just ordered myself a bag with grumpy cat on it, awwwyeeea.

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