Birchbox June 2016 Review

For me, this month epitomizes what Birchbox is supposed to be about. When I looked at my box online, I wanted to throw a temper tantrum (because I am secretly four-years-old). I was certain that none of these products would be worth my time or energy. I wouldn’t have purchased a single one of them. I was hoping for one of the Cargo blushes that got sent out last month, because who doesn’t want a blush in their Birchbox? (No one. Send us all blushes, Birchbox!)

But then my box got here and I actually tried the stuff I got. I genuinely adore the products that showed up in this box and I plan on purchasing four out of the five products. (That’s not even mentioning how much classier Birchbox looks after their fancy new re-design. Their new logo looks great and that chevron print on the inside of the boxes is so adorable and is such a nice detail.)Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (0.25 oz), approximate retail value $2.06
Sugar is cheap. Sugar scrubs aren’t much less cheap. It doesn’t intuitively seem like buying a $33 sugar scrub makes any sense at all. (And, indeed, if you are on a strict budget, it doesn’t.) This product, though, feels so luxurious that it isn’t comparable to any homemade sugar scrub that I have made. It gets nice and foamy and it doesn’t feel too abrasive. After using it, even my disgusting failure skin feels pretty smooth and soft. Best of all, this scrub smells so good I can’t even handle it. I didn’t even know that I loved the scent of lemongrass so much. I am sitting here writing this with this container on my chest so that I can sniff its amazingness as I write.

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (1.06 oz), approximate retail value $5.90
I usually think that dry shampoo is dry shampoo. This is nothing like any other dry shampoo that I have. Usually, dry shampoo falls into two broad categories: the aerosol kind and the basically-cornstarch kind. This is great hybrid that takes the best of both categories. The basically-cornstarch kind can get your hair feeling super light and healthy, but often leaves a powder residue and is messy to maintain. The aerosol kind is easier not to fuck up, but kind of leaves my hair feeling dried out. This feels and looks like I applied a powdered dry shampoo, but has the convenience of an aerosol.

Klorane dry shampoo before and after

I will leave one note of caution: You do actually have to hold this sucker 12 inches away from your head (it’s easy to brush out the white spots, though, if you are also a rebel/someone who doesn’t read product instructions).

SW Basics Lip Balm Flights in Cinnamon, approximate retail value $3.75

I was explicitly crossing my fingers with the hopes that I would not get the cinnamon-flavored balm. I am glad that things turned out as they did, though. I am very easily annoyed by fake-smelling cinnamon. Put me by some Hot Tamales candy and I will throw it in the trash faster than you can say, “It’s not that bad!”

This smells like actual cinnamon. You know, the spice. It reminds me of the scent you get after making mulled cider and all that is left is the cinnamon sticks at the bottom of the kettle. It almost feels sacrilegious to wear this when the leaves aren’t changing colors. If you love autumn, you will love this.

The texture is softer than a Chapstick but less soft than a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. It’s the perfect amount of soft to make your lips feel amazing and moisturized.

Tweezerman Filemate Matchbox Itty Bitty Nail Files, retail value $7.99

This was the dud. I use glass nail files, so I really don’t need things like this. There’s nothing wrong with these, it’s just not a product I need or want. They are nice and solid, though. They have the quality of full-sized nail files. Given the pawprint pattern, I feel confident that I can pawn them off on some University of Washington Huskies fan out there.

Color Club Wanderlust in London Calling (0.25oz), approximate retail value $2.00
I was hoping for the coral, but this minty color is truly special. The polish is completely opaque in two coats, which is great. It’s vibrant. It’s modern. It’s quality. It’s also cheap. I priced this at $2.00 because the entire Wanderlust collection of nail polish, four 0.25 ounce minis, is $8. But this is half the size of a normal $8 Color Club nail polish! Buying the Wanderlust collection gives you a full ounce of nail polish PLUS the choice associated with having FOUR summery nail polish colors to choose from. Super good deal.

Total Box Value: $21.70

I feel like an advertisement, but any regular readers of this blog surely know that I do not give positive reviews easily.

On the Birchbox home page, the service proclaims in all capital letters, “DISCOVER YOUR NEXT EVERYTHING”. This is what it looks like when Birchbox genuinely lives up to that promise. When you add in the benefits of getting points for reviews and points for purchases, I am ecstatic about this box. Hopefully Birchbox’s re-design is the start of a string of great boxes.

(If I did happen to convince you to sign up for Birchbox, please feel free to use my referral link here)