Let’s keep this short and sweet. Here’s what I got in my Birchbox this month:

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner (0.04oz), approximate retail value $9.14
The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner is one of my favorite eyeliners and I am borderline annoyed at Birchbox for robbing me of my ability to do a full review. (Since I also own a mini, I went ahead and took pictures of my old, beat-up one so as to not unnecessarily open the new one.) The shape is what really sets it apart from other pen eyeliners: it allows you to create both thin and thick lines that are smooth and attractive, making it perfect for dramatic eyeliner looks.
Its drawbacks are similar to other pen eyeliners: it can get clogged up with eyeshadow and sometimes it feels dried out if it is not stored upside down. Thus, if you hate pen eyeliners, it probably won’t change your mind.

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches in Green Tea Tropical, Organic African Nectar, and Vanilla Bean, approximate retail value $1.99

I’ve bought Mighty Leaf Tea in the past, but this sample definitely re-kindled my love. The aromas are so appealing and they are perfect for dreary winter days in the office. Vanilla Bean smells super vanilla-y. Organic African Nectar was weirdly minty. My favorite, though, was Green Tea tropical. I had to restrain myself from shoving my mug of tea under my co-worker’s noses and shouting, “SMELL THIS. IT SMELLS SO GOOD!”

All the teas are the perfect balance of mild but flavorful.

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator (0.71oz), approximate retail value $5.67
I know it’s not Birchbox’s fault that they sent me a ton of things I already own since they can’t stalk my possessions, but it’s kind of silly that this is the THIRD product in this box that I already had sitting around.

BrightenUp uses a papaya enzyme called papain as an exfoliant. It’s usually (sexily enough) used to liquefy necrotic tissue in a prescription-strength drug called Accuzyme. It works by breaking down the extracellular matrix of the skin. I can’t speak to the concentration of papain in BrightenUp, but it’s definitely theoretically sound.

There is also got a bunch of aluminum oxide in it (that’s what the “Microderm crystals” actually are), which works as a physical exfoliant. Aluminum oxide is used for a shitload of abrasive purposes, like making sandpaper or toothpaste. (Some people find that physical exfoliation is too rough on their skin, and if you are one of those people, obviously don’t use this.)

BeeKind Body Lotion (1.01 fluid oz), approximate retail value $1.89
I’m not much of a body lotion person, and I’m not much of lemon-scent lover, so I’m not the best person to be reviewing this product. I will say that it is not at all greasy, which was really nice. I also thought that the packaging seemed really professional and classy, given the low value of the sample. I think it will make a pretty nice foot lotion.

Color Club Cocktail Hour Collection in On the Rocks (0.25 fluid oz), approximate retail value $4.00
I tend to like Color Club nail polishes. This one, though, may be the best nail polish I’ve gotten from Birchbox. The pictures are a single coat of polish! It looks like tin foil! You need this in your life!

Total Box Value: $22.69

I’m actually really happy with this box, even though I got a bunch of stuff that I already own. It’s hard to complain about getting a spare of one of your favorite products!

If you are filled with a intense desire to join Birchbox, you are always welcome to use my referral link by clicking here.

1. My birch box was so epically sucky this month. I’m jealous!

2. You win some, you lose some, sadly!

3. The Eyeko Skinny Liner is also one of my favorites!

4. I’m not usually in love with pen liners, but this one is particularly lovely!

5. That’s a nice box – I love Eyeko liners (the minis are actually way better than the full size, too, because of the shape of the nib) & Mighty Leaf tea. Question: I have a BrightenUp exfoliator sample from who knows where, and it really hurts me to use – the little grains feel sharp! Does yours feel like that, and do you know if that’s typical for some exfoliators? I do use other physical exfoliators, albeit generally fairly gentle ones.

6. My guess is that your skin just leans on the sensitive side!

7. I think I will have to try that eyeliner. I’m on a great liquid liner quest, and have yet to find my magical holy grail of liners.


8. The best one I have found so far is Kat Von D’s tattoo eyeliner. The nib is so precise, and gives a lovely thin line that is very easy to build up thicker. The formula stays on all day even on my uber oily eyelids 🙂 That being said… oooh a new eyeliner to try.

9. Liner is tricky one! I’m still holding out for theBalm to make a waterproof version of Schwing…

10. Never have I been sadder that wearing nail polish makes my hands break out in tiny, ridiculously itchy blisters!

11. My nails will weep for your nails.

12. I got almost that exact same gray, metallic nail color in my ipsy bag this month. It’s from Nailtini and the color is called Caviar Cocktail. COINCIDENCE? Well, yeah.

13. How do you like it?

14. I’m jealous you got the Eyeko lliner! I keep tweaking my interests in my profile to try and get things I like better, but…sigh.

Shani x

15. I might do a regression or something and figure out a Birchbox strategy… I just need participants!

16. In my 40-yr-old-lady version of the Birchbox, I received “Ahmad” brand tea which my husband stole, some Staniac from the Balm (shade: Beauty Queen, aka “I’ve been slapped” – I need to perfect my stain technique), Tiossan “Flamboyant” Body Cream (creamy, smells okay, don’t feel any more flamboyant), DDF Amplifying Elixir, (waiting for a few days off so I can see if it makes me break out) and Color Club nail polish in “Baldwin Blues” which I’ll be wearing this week.

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18. I got that Vasanti in my Birchbox a few months back, and it’s one of the few things I’ve bought after sampling. It just leaves my skin so soft…

I also got the teas, and while I haven’t tried the Organic African Nectar yet (I have little use for caffeine-free), I was similarly impressed by the other two. The smells and flavors are much clearer than a lot of similarly described teas.

I also got Stainiac in Beauty Queen (I like it as a subtle cheek stain and haven’t tried it for my lips yet), DDF Amplifying Elixir (I’m using it but not getting much out of it), Folle de Joie eau de parfum (smells lovely) and the Color Club nail polish in Baldwin Blues and Mox Botanicals Bath Milk in Calendula and Oatmeal, neither of which I’ve tried yet.

19. I discovered the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner via Birchbox and it’s become one of my all-time favorite liners. I would love to have an extra. 🙂

I used some BeeKind products when they were the complimentary products provided at a hotel where I stayed in September, and I liked them. I thought the packaging was cute and the shampoo, conditioner, and lotion all seemed to be pretty good.

20. I got the Eyeko mascara this month, I’m totally new to the brand and was quite pleased with it! Before going out for Saturday evening I layered another coat on – I can’t always get away with that after wearing it all day but really liked the effect a lot.

21. What a zingy polish!