Drugstore Dupes to the Test: OCC Lip Tar vs. Sleek Pout Paint

Given all the hype associated with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars, it’s hardly surprising that other companies have begun to emulate them. Presumably to capitalize on the intense wave of blogger-love that lip tars have received, Sleek Cosmetics, a UK-based drugstore brand, introduced Pout Paints in late 2011.

Although it seems clear to me that Pout Paints are at least partially inspired by Lip Tars, Sleek is advertising them as “a truly unique lip product… [that is] like no other.” That’s simply not true. This product is not unique and it is like OCC lip tars.

I hypothesized that Sleek Pout Paint in Pin Up would be closest to NSFW by OCC, but a color comparison showed that it was actually closest in hue to Stalker.
Right off the bat, one important difference is worth pointing out: Sephora currently has 48 shades of lip tar available. The Sleek website has seven shades of Pout Paint. That’s almost a sevenfold difference in terms of straight up color selection. And since Sleek is missing important colors like black, white, and yellow, there’s no way you could make up that color variety through mixing.

I did my traditional “four hours and meal” test to check out the lasting ability of lip tars vs. pout paints.

Just as all my other tests have shown, my lip tar dried to a smooth matte and lasted the fuck out of those four hours.
Sleek Pout Paint, though, wore very differently. First of all, on my lips it felt much more oily than a lip tar. Secondly, unlike lip tar, it never dried. This meant that it wore off much more easily. By the end of the four hours it was almost completely gone. I got about two hours out of it before reapplication was called for. For a product that needs to be applied with a brush this is a huge inconvenience. Furthermore, although this fading isn’t a tragedy with a red color, if you were wearing blue or purple lips, this would look terrible.

I have also found that pout paints are much more prone to separation than my lip tars. I have never had my lip tars separate (I know other people have but I have not!). This pout paint needs to be sort of awkwardly smooshed around in the tube every time or it become a little pigment suspended in greasy liquid.

These two products clearly do not perform equally. However, the price difference may justify using the dupe for some people. Sleek Pout Paints retail for $6.49 for 0.27 oz ($24.04 per ounce), whereas OCC Lip Tars come in at a much steeper $18 for 0.33oz ($54.54 per ounce). That makes them over twice as expensive.

The dupe-worthiness of these products really comes down to the reason that you are drawn to OCC lip tars. If you like lip tars for their wide color range and their fantastic staying power (which is why I like them), that really won’t cut it. Save your money. However, if you specifically love the color “Stalker” and find this sort of consistency appealing, this dupe might do the trick.

  1. Since I’m in the U.S., I’ll probably stay with the Lip Tars, in the interest of avoiding overseas shipping charges.
    Besides, I LOOOVE the fact that the Lip Tars come in every shade imaginable, are reasonably priced, and cruelty-free (the latter is an absolute must for me).
    The Lip Tars are not as quick and easy to apply as I’d really like, but for this kind of color selection in a cruelty-free product, I can deal.