Drugstore Dupes to the Test: Paperself vs Shilina Paper Eyelashes

Paperself eyelashes are a truly breathtaking fashion trend. Unlike conventional false eyelashes, which mimic natural lashes (maybe adding some sparkles or feathers at their wildest), Paperself lashes are cut into fantastic designs, functioning at the intersection of makeup and jewelry.

Unfortunately for whimsy-lovers, Paperself eyelashes are pretty damn pricey. At $18.40 a pop, it is difficult to justify putting them on your face.

Luckily, they’re really just paper. I’ve never seen DIY versions that match the intricacy of the Paperself designs, but I have seen cheap dupes available for purchase. The most visually appealing of these dupes is an uknown brand called Shilina.

This isn’t a conventional “Drugstore Dupes to the Test” because Shilina is not actually a drugstore brand; I purchased these lashes on ebay. However, at $2.00 a pop, these are dramatically less expensive than the Paperself originals and thus warrant a comparison.

The original Paperself lashes are cut with remarkable intricacy.

I personally find that using the entire lash is unnecessarily distracting for a normal day look. Although Paperself does sell tiny versions made for the outer corners of your eye, I would never buy them because they cost the same amount as the full-eyelash versions. Instead, I cut them, getting multiple uses out of each eyelash. As long as you maintain enough of the band, they will stay on just fine.

I use a regular eyelash glue (Duo) to apply these. Although it seems scary, I actually think these are much easier to apply than traditional falsies. The short length allows less room for error, the thick paper band easily holds glue, and, perhaps most saliently, no one who sees you has any delusions that these are your real lashes. Since you’re not trying to blend them in to look natural, a slight ‘error’ in placement won’t come across as a mistake to your viewer.

Removal is also remarkably easy. I actually just pull them off gently with my fingers. You should easily be able to get three uses out of these lashes. Even wearing them in the rain hasn’t had any ill effects (although I would generally advise to avoid wearing them in any conditions you would be impressed at the postal service for weathering).

The Shilina dupes are definitely cut less intricately. They are larger. The paper is thicker. There is less detailing.

Again, I opted for a fancy outer corner.

However, despite these differences, the dupes were just as easy to apply, just as long-lasting, just as easily removable, and just as fancy-feeling as the Paperself versions.

Are these ebay knockoffs the exact same as the Paperself inspiration? No, they aren’t. They’re a little bit clunkier and less detailed. But they definitely fill the same niche.

The biggest complaint I have seen by beauty bloggers about the Paperself eyelashes is, “Well, I don’t have anywhere to wear them.” I have a feeling that if they cost $2 each, it will be a lot easier to find places you’re willing to utilize them.


1. I like how they look on YOU but even regular false lashes look ridiculous on me. I can imagine myself tracking some really lovely intricate ones down then ripping them before I even get them on to my eye!

2. I am a really big advocate of the idea that anyone can pull just about anything off… and they’re not too fragile! If you want to try them, don’t be scared!

3. Nice post hellocampcomfort.com .. I so wanna try Paperself eyelashes and Purple Eye Shadow..

4. These are so cute! Great post as usual =3

5.  These are awesome, I’m actually surprised you can’t find these all over Etsy. I assume all you’d really need is paper and a laser cutter.