Get ‘Em Before They’re Gone: LORAC Long-Lasting Individual Eye Shadows

Unlike fancy makeup blogs who get free stuff sent to them and/or review things right when they come out, I have the joy of picking things out a thousand years too late, right when they go on sale!Despite their notable misstep in quality with the GLOGetter palette, LORAC is truly cream of the crop when it comes to eyeshadow.

As soon as I saw that the LORAC single eyeshadows were on sale, marked down from $19 each to $6 each, I jumped. I have been playing with these shadows for a significant period of time at this point, because I keep deciding that I just need a few more.

My collection has finally stabilized, though! I have the following twelve shadows: Enlighten, Sand, Star Quality, Glamorous, Gold, Rhapsody, Delight, Celebutante, Green Room, Pewter, After Party, and Dreamy. All twelve of these shadows are shimmers.


From left to right: Enlighten, Sand, Star Quality, Glamorous

Enlighten is a very, very pale beige that’s perfect for highlighing the inner corner of your eye or your browbone. Sand is a very similar color, with a hint of warmth and pinkness. Star quality is a light gold that is similar in feel to Stila’s Kitten. Glamorous is a warm, golden peach.

From left to right: Enlighten, Sand, Star Quality, Glamorous.
As always, two swipes of each color, no primer.

It’s worth noting that all of these colors are dramatically different from the colors portrayed on the LORAC website (which probably shouldn’t a huge shock since the LORAC site “pictures” are obviously photoshopped creations rather than pictures of the actual color). Enlighten is much lighter than the website shows. Sand is also lighter (apparently I was thinking “shitty Washington beaches” and they were thinking “white sand Hawaiian beaches) and has more of a pink undertone. Star Quality is much darker and dingier (in a pretty way, I promise). Glamorous is notably duller and less orange than it is on the site.

Since all of these colors swatch beautifully, this isn’t a huge concern for me. However, I speculate that a lot of people fell in love with the colors on the LORAC website and found themselves disappointed.


From left to right: Gold, Rhapsody, Delight, Celebutante

Gold is a ‘new penny’ copper color (it also looks absurdly dissimilar to the beige that’s shown on the website). Rhapsody is a blue-violet duochrome. Delight is a pink-ish fuchsia. Celebutante is a dark teal (much darker than show on the website).

From left to right: Gold, Rhapsody, Delight, Celebutante


From left to right: Green Room, Pewter, After Party, Dreamy

Green Room is a muddy forest green (much darker than shown on the website). Pewter is a true pewter color. Although After Party looks like a dark purple in the pan and is described as a “plum”, it consistently looks like a dark brown with a purple glitter when it is swatched (it also looks nothing like the site).

From left to right: Green Room, Pewter, After Party, Dreamy

The stated reason for LORAC’s shadow sale is so that they can re-formulate their products. However, LORAC shadows don’t need to be reformulated. They are unmatched in terms of both pigmentation and longevity. My guess for the problem? I bet they’re getting lots of returns because many of the colors do not match the website at all.

Some demonstrations of how the website differs from the real colors.

Even if the shadows are beautiful in their own right, it’s still a big disappointment to get a completely incorrect color.

On the bright side, a new formulation offers hope that LORAC will expand their selection of bright shadow colors.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to wear these shades, hopefully my compulsive need to photograph myself will offer some help:

As previously stated, these eyeshadows were marked down from $19 to $6 each. At 0.06oz per shadow, that moves the price from $316.67 per ounce to $100 per ounce. The LORAC Pro palette is approximately $107.50 per

This certainly isn’t dramatically less expensive than a palette, but it offers you the opportunity to pick the shadows that you actually find appealing. To add icing to the cake, LORAC has a free shipping option for any sized purchase.


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3. Thank you for the heads up on the LORAC eyeshadow sale! I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy it.

4. I’m so happy to see these swatched. I was disappointed when I got After Party in the mail since it’s not really plum at all. But it’s so easy to just buy a few of these at a time when they’re so cheap! I feel like I’m buying drugstore makeup! Your honest reviews are so wonderful and well-thought-out, I look forward to your posts every day. I wish I were rich and could send you makeup I am curious about and have you review it!

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6. I finally just bought some of these eyeshadows. I can’t believe that they are still on sale! I also bought two of the blushes that are on sale. I can’t wait to get them. Also I have to tell you again that I love your blog. 🙂