Get It Before It’s Gone: Benefit Cabana Glama

Unlike fancy makeup blogs who get free stuff sent to them and/or review
things right when they come out, I have the joy of picking things out a
thousand years too late, right when they go on sale!
Benefit’s Cabana Glama is a summertime kit that features various bronzing products. It came out last summer and is now discounted.

Outside packaging.

I actually purchased this specifically because I wanted Hoola, which is Benefit’s beloved bronzer. I decided that it made much more sense for me to get a half-sized bronzer PLUS a bunch of other fun things for $19, rather than a full sized bronzer for $28.

Inside view.

The kit contains:

Hoola (0.14oz), approximate retail value $14.00

This is a great matte brown, which makes it perfect for contouring if you are more talented than I and can contour without looking simultaneously gaunt and bruised. You can keep it light enough that it doesn’t look bizarre on a light-skinned lady, but it will also build up for people with darker skin. (That being said, I don’t know if it will show up on very dark skin.)

The brush it comes with is crap. Just throw it away and use your normal brushes.

Some Kind-a Gorgeous in Medium (0.12oz), approximate retail value $10.60

Note: This is a swatch of the same product that I received as a free sample from Sephora. I figured I would keep the one in the kit unblemished in case someone decides to take it off my hands.

Benefit has this weird idea that everyone can get away with the same color foundation and concealer. I’m not exactly sure where this idea came from. Even their slightly more customizable collections are super limited in terms of shade options. For example, I would LOVE to buy How to Look the Best at Everything. Unfortunately, even the “light kit” uses the darkest shade of “light” foundation. On the other side of things, the “dark kit” has the lightest shade of “dark” foundation. They make other shades of foundation! You would think they could offer a bit more customization!

In other kits, they don’t even try at all. ‘Everyone needs medium colored foundation and concealer’, they figure. That’s what happened here. This is basically worthless to me, and it is basically worthless to any of you who are not this precise shade… which is probably most of you.

It definitely DOES dry to a powder, which might dry your skin out if you skin leans dry already. It’s on the more sheer end of things.

I’m also turned off by the application because it feels like the perfect format to harbor weird bacteria.

Posietint (0.08oz), approximate retail value $5.52

This is a great product. I only wish that this was bigger. It is an amazing color on my fair skin and it blends beautifully. It’s very sheer and natural looking.

It doesn’t show up on my lips, however, so it seems like a waste of a beautiful product to use it there.

Eyeshadow Palette [Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz and Cocoa Pizzazz] (0.12oz), approximate retail value $19.00

These eyeshadows are smooth, pigmented and apply beautifully. I wish there was a lighter color, since the peach is too dark to use as a highlight, but overall I think these are fantastic.

It comes with crappy sponges instead of brushes, so, again, you are going to need to provide your own brush.

Total Box Value: $49.12

From left to right: Hoola, Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz, Cocoz Pizzazz, Posietint. As always, two swipes of each color.

I wouldn’t have purchased this at full price, but I think that this is a great deal at the sale price. Even if only a few of these products specifically interest you, you will likely find other things you love in the kit. It may be winter, but these summer-y products still look great.

Using all the products save for Some Kind-a Gorgeous, which is unwearable

You can pick up the Cabana Glama kit on the Benefit websit.