Get It Before It’s Gone: LORAC Rose Blush

Unlike fancy makeup blogs who get free stuff sent to them and/or review things right when they come out, I have the joy of picking things out a thousand years too late, right when they go on sale!

“I think I need another eyeshadow. And… another… and another…” (I would be really curious to do an analysis of website strategies to see whether a no-minimum free shipping policy helps a cosmetics company, by encouraging customers to make purchases from the company website, rather than going through a middleman like Sephora or Ulta, or whether it hurts, because no one will ever go, “Oh, what the hell, I’m $10 away from free shipping. I might as well buy X.” Either way, the free shipping option fills my heart with joy.)

When LORAC has good shit in their sale section, it is irresistibly tempting.

The LORAC blush in Rose is a dusty rose color with taupe undertones. It’s very lightly pigmented. Swatching it for you all was a bit of a challenge, actually, since everything looks softer in photographs. (Luckily, after about eight thousand ‘well, that’s not dark enough’s, I managed to snap a passable picture.)

Although it looks subtle in the pan and in my swatches, this blush turns to a wonderful, natural-looking flush once it hits my cheeks. It’s the perfect produce for anyone who is fair and frequently ends up looking like they got smacked in the face when they wear blush. There’s no way to go overboard, even if your celebrity-look-a-like is Casper the Friendly Ghost. However, if you have medium or dark skin, I would definitely skip this particular shade, as I doubt it will show up.

The LORAC blushes are marked down from $20 for 0.09oz ($222.22 per ounce) to a much more reasonable $10 for 0.09oz ($111.11 per ounce). The price per ounce is actually not that low (a Benefit boxed blush is only $100 per ounce at full price!), but the overall price is super reasonable. Thus, these blushes are a good choice for indecisive people who want to own a million small blushes rather than a couple of massive ones.



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2. Hot damn! You mean it’s meant for me?!? ” even if your celebrity-look-a-like is Casper the Friendly Ghost” because that’s exactly how I describe myself to people. It does sound nice, and I love a good free shipping with no minimum.

Still big love for your posts.

3. Just for you!

4. I heard free shipping and rushed to their website, forgetting I live in Canada….

5. To compensate, go buy the Lise Watier Pink Power Blush and laugh at my inability to access it!

6. I think I may have had this blush ages ago when the line first came out. I have to check (and see if it’s even still good). But I know what you mean. There was a color I wanted in their Pro Palette on Sephora, and when I went to the LORAC website, I saw that they had it as a single, on sale, with free shipping. It felt like I’d won the lottery!!

It looks lovely on you, but I actually love the whole face! What were you wearing on your eyes and lips?

Shani x

7. The eyeshadow is from Stila’s In the Moment palette and the lipstick is Revlon’s Super Lustrous in Wild Orchid.

8. ” because no one will ever go, “Oh, what the hell, I’m $10 away from free shipping. I might as well buy X.”

Oh I totally do this… I’d rather spend $10 more on something to get free shipping than pay the $5 shipping fee…
But free shipping – that’s always better!

9. Same here! I loathe paying for shipping. If a brand has too high of a threshold for free shipping, it seriously deters me from making purchases (e.g. Sugarpill).

10. Damn you, woman! Now I have gone and bought that on a midnight whim, and can’t unknow about their free shipping when my late night impulse shopping urges hit!

11. Take an Arrested Development-style forget-me-now?

12. Ok – I totally didn’t know that LORAC has free shipping on their website. And they are one of my very favorite brands. Crud. Seriously – my November and December cosmetic budget is probably shot now.

13. But you totally need it!