Get It Before It’s Gone: Paul & Joe “A Mid Summer’s Night” Lip Gloss

Unlike fancy makeup blogs who get free stuff sent to them and/or review
things right when they come out, I have the joy of picking things out a
thousand years too late, right when they go on sale!
As deeply passionate as I was in my love for Urban Outfitters when I was 14, I haven’t paid much attention to them in a while. Suddenly, I just didn’t feel like I needed shirts that came pre-stained.

Although Urban Outfitters and I have grown apart, I decided to catch up with a quick browse through their website… and holy fuck. At some point along the line, Urban Outfitters decided to sell real makeup. Like, good makeup. For grown ups.


The array of brands that they offer are impressive for a variety of reasons. First of all, the brands are good. There are certainly some brands that I have mixed feelings about. (For example, ELF and Lime Crime are not my all-time favorites.) However, brands like Anna Sui, NYX, and Pixi are fabulous brands. A few others, like Medusa’s Makeup, Lord & Berry, and Fat & the Moon look like they would be tons of fun to try out. Second of all, the brands that are offered here are not widely available elsewhere. If the selection was similar to Sephora, I would always choose Sephora. But brands like Anna Sui are not available at Sephora (unless you want perfume). NYX can be hard to locate in drug stores. There is certainly a bit of overlap (e.g. Stila), but this is still a fantastic resource for encountering some harder-to-find brands.

One of my favorite difficult-to-track-down brands is Paul and Joe Beaute. Paul and Joe is a brand that combines clever themes, gorgeous packaging, and consistently high quality products.

Paul & Joe Midsummer Night’s Dream Collection

Paul and Joe’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” collection was inspired by the classic Shakespearian comedy. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was actually the first play by Shakespeare that I read. In sixth grade, we put on the play. I played Hippolyta, the queen whose marriage precipitates the plot. (You probably don’t remember her because she wasn’t a very important character.) I had wanted to play Titania, the queen of the fairies.

I recently picked up one of the Mid Summer’s Night lip glosses in Fairy Kisses from the Urban Outfitter’s website. Its ethereal green color is certainly reminiscent of my beloved Titania.

The packaging, of course, is spectacular. The cap has a vintage vibe, and the chrysanthemum detailing on the tube is adorable.

Although Urban Outfitters is calling this a “flavored lip gloss”, I am not confident that that is the correct terminology for this product. It is green apple and vanilla scented, but it pretty much just tastes like… wax. (Don’t eat this.)

A swatch of Fairy Kisses.

The product is green and glittery in the tube, but, when applied, it looks clear (and still kind of glittery). However, when you look closely, you can see a faint green shimmer that adds a touch of uniqueness and prevents it from looking childish. The gloss is a bit thicker than a typical lip gloss, but it’s easy to wear and it isn’t sticky.

The only thing that I don’t like about this product is the brush. At first it was pointy and hard. With some massaging, I removed this problem, only to find that the bristles splay out everywhere when I try to apply the product. Still, this is a relatively minor complaint. I love the theme, I love the product, and I love the packaging. I’ll tolerate the brush.

Fairy Kisses on Human Face.
P.S.: Like my earrings? I like my earrings.

Fairy Kisses originally retailed for $22 for 0.21oz (or $104.76 per ounce), but it is marked down on the Urban Outfitters site to $12.99 ($61.86 per ounce). It’s not quite as cheap as a drugstore lipgloss (e.g. Revlon’s Colorburst costs $7.49 for 0.2oz, or $37.45 per ounce), but it is much less expensive than a typical mid-range brand (e.g. Benefit’s Ultra Shines Lip Gloss costs $18 for 0.17oz, or $105.88).


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