Get It Before It’s Gone: Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil

Unlike fancy makeup blogs who get free stuff sent to them and/or review things right when they come out, I have the joy of picking things out a thousand years too late, right when they go on sale!

Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils

The Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil claims to be “the coverage of a lipstick and the intense shine of lip gloss… in a precise pencil.” In that, it most certainly succeeds. I purchased two colors: “Fancy Red” and “Coral Glow”. Both are very opaque and true to color. Fancy Red is a deep, true blood red, with an almost foil-like finish. Coral Glow is a bright orange with significant shimmer and sparkle.

Fancy Red on the left and Coral Glow on the right.

These pencils are marked down from $12 to $5 each. Each pencil is 0.1oz, meaning they would have originally cost $120 per ounce, but now cost $50 per ounce. For reference, the Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm costs $6.99 for 0.13oz, putting it at $53 per ounce. On the higher end of the spectrum, the Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Pencil is $19 for 0.1oz, or $190 per ounce.

Lip Pencils

However, these couldn’t be replaced by any old lip color or gloss pencil. The vinyl finish is something that’s both visually striking but still incredibly wearable.

The lasting power is also pretty spectacular. Fancy red passes the four hours + one meal test with flying colors. There was some slight fading, but it faded very evenly. By the end of the time period, my lips were still brightly colored and very even.

Fancy Red Four Hour Test

Coral glow isn’t as long lasting, but still performs admirably. There is significant fading towards the insides of my lips, however.

Coral Glow Four Hour Test

Overall, I am really impressed with this product. Considering that they currently cost less than drugstore products of the same nature, I would recommend them to anyone who loves bold lips.