How Much Is My Face Worth? (By Mass)

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I have only recently come into possession of a scale that can measure to the milligram (a thousandth of a gram).

I was inspired by my wonderful friends at Lather Rinse Repeat and the Moroccan Shopaholic.

The idea behind the original “What is my face worth?” tag is that you go through your morning makeup routine, add up the costs, and then get slightly embarrassed about how many fancy dinners you could have purchased with that cash.

Unfortunately, it’s not the perfect system. As the Moroccan Shopaholic points out, “I feel like the name of this tag is misleading. Because one, my face is
priceless, duh. And two, you don’t actually use the whole bottle/pan of
product in your daily makeup routine. At least I don’t. But it would be too much of a pain in the ass to calculate price per use, so here we go.”

TOO MUCH OF A PAIN? Challenge accepted.

My new scale in use.

I will admit that my methodology isn’t flawless. I may have made my former chemistry professors cry by completely ditching significant figures. Also, I think a lot of stuff goes bad before you finish the whole tub/tube/barrel/whathaveyou, and that isn’t factored into my equation.

Additionally, I had to modify the products that I used based on the limitations of my scale, which can’t measure anything more than 20g. For example, since I normally use fancy eyeshadow palettes, which have very heavy packaging, I had to adjust to use things that were more lightweight.

It’s also worth noting that I calculated all prices based on the full sized prices and sizes, which may or may not reflect what I actually paid for them.

Everything I used.

ROC 4-Zone Daily Moisturizer – 0.495g (Full sized $27.99 for 1.7oz/48.194g), $0.2875

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer- 0.133g (Full sized $33 for 1.01oz/28.633g), $0.1533
Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Primer – 0.009g (Full sized $38 for 1oz/28.340g), $0.0121
Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation- 0.342g (Full sized $38 for 1.7oz/48.194g), $0.2700
theBalm Time Balm – 0.004g (Full sized $18 for 0.25oz/7g), $0.0103
theBalm Hot Mama – 0.006g (Full sized $20 for 0.25oz/7.08g), $0.0169
Nars Smudegproof Eyeshadow Primer – 0.009g (Full sized $24 for 0.26oz/7.371g), $0.0293
UD 24/7 in Ransom – 0.005g (Full sized $19 for 0.04oz/1.134g), $0.0838
Sephora Arch It Eyebrow Kit- 0.003g (Full sized $25 for est. 0.12oz/3.402g), $0.0220
Revlon Brow Styling Gel – 0.021g (Full sized $5.99 for 0.25oz/7.087g), $0.0177
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk – 0.001g (Full sized $4.50 for 0.18oz/5g), $0.0009
Maybelline Modern Metallics Chai Latte – 0.003g (Full sized $4.99 for 0.17oz/4.8g), $0.0031
UD Supercurl – 0.039g (Full sized $20 for 0.3oz/8.505g), $0.0917
OCC Grandma – 0.010g (Full sized $18 for 0.33oz/9.355g), $0.0192

Total (according to the original rules of this game): $296.47

Holy crap! And that’s using fucking Maybelline and shit! That’s more than I spend on a month of rent! (I have really good rates for rent.)

Total (by mass): $1.0178

Whew. I feel a lot better now. No one who regularly buys Starbucks can judge me for that. I will concede, though, that I’m a little surprised by some of the individual high prices (I use 27 cents a day on foundation?! I need better skin…).

Total Mass of Products Used: 1.08g. (That’s the equivalent of about 0.038oz).

And here’s what it looks like all together!

If you don’t have a scale that is accurate to the milligram:
1. Congratulations on not being a weirdo!
2. You can probably calculate some facsimile of your daily makeup routine’s value using the masses that I measured and the prices of the products that you use. I doubt we use identical amounts of product, but it will probably get you close.


  1. The Average Jane

    I love, love love this look! Can you break it down?


    What do you mean?

  3. The Average Jane

    Could you make a specific diagram of where you apply each eyeshadow color and what sort of eyeliner shape you apply?


    Sure, I can do that. It’s not very exciting, as a warning! Check back in the comments section (here) in a few days.

  5. The Average Jane

    Awesome; thanks! I see something similar to this look on ELF advertisements and I find it quite pretty, but I’ve been thus far unsuccessful in replicating it.

  6. Danielle Sweet-Reyes

    Most fun post ever! My inner nerd had fun reading this:)

  7. Amy

    This is amazing! And such a good idea. I don’t think I have a scale that precise (or a scale at all, heh––my kind of nerdy weirdness doesn’t come with scales, sadly), but I’ll have to find someone who does and is willing to let me borrow it. Also, way to go on the super affordable rent!!

  8. LabMuffin

    I was going to do this too, but my lab’s scales are covered in carcinogenic crap so I need to get myself some personal scales, and being spoiled with 5 figure balances I’m not sure if my brain can handle a 2 figure demotion 🙁 Did you weigh your brushes too? Because a gram seems like a LOT of product to have on your face, it’d be interesting to see how much actually ended up on your skin (although obviously the real cost of your face would include product wastage, but still… a GRAM).


    I counted product wasted. Some stuff ends up on my hands and the like, so there is no real way for me to account for that.

  10. LabMuffin

    One super painful anal way to measure it could be to go the full analytical chemistry hog and weigh all the instruments (brushes) before and after use, apply everything you would normally apply with your hands with preweighed cotton rounds and swabs or gloves (decreases validity but IMO insignificantly, since you can tell how much product you want on your skin), and catch pigment fallout etc on a piece of paper, but I’m guessing the interest in the results wouldn’t be worth the effort, since this already looked like a PITA (props for that) 😛