I Spent HOW Much Money At Sephora?!: An Introduction to VIB Rouge

Apparently, Sephora has some high-spending customers that they are vaguely trying to cater to. Until now, anyone could become a Beauty Insider, and spending $350 in one calendar year made you a “VIB”. Sephora just launched their “VIB Rouge” program for people who spend $1000 a year at the store.

Qualifying for VIB Rouge is a potent mixture of mild happiness and embarrassment. It’s like someone pointing out you ate entire 1.5 quart tub of ice cream in one sitting, so you get a coupon. I’m just brimming with ambivalence.

Because I am a weirdo hoarder, I still have my VIB Welcome Kit, so you can see them side-by-side if you like. The VIB Rouge Welcome Kit comes in a box, and is slightly bigger. You also get a different font. The font change is really the sign that you’re moving up in the world, I think.

Saying you have “a serious beauty addiction” is about as close as Sephora can get to telling you to re-examine your life priorities.

For some reason, people who shop online don’t get a card, which is sort of irritating.

Sephora also released a limited edition lipstick by Bite Beauty for VIB Rouge members only. They included a 0.052 oz deluxe sample with the welcome kit.

Unfortunately, the didn’t kick off their VIB Rouge exclusive lipstick on a positive note. Bite Beauty’s normal lipsticks cost $24 for 0.13 oz ($184.62 per ounce). FOR LITERALLY NO REASON, the limited edition shade costs $4 more for the same size ($215.38 per ounce). I can only assume that their thought process was, “Well, if someone is qualifying for VIB Rouge, they obviously don’t give a shit about their money.” Bitch, if I’m spending $28 for a lipstick, I’ll spend the extra $2 to get Givenchy.

It also kind of irritates me that they are claiming that this lipstick is “inspired by Sephora”. Come the fuck on. It’s just a different red. Are you trying to tell me you colored this red to match the website’s “Add to Basket” button or something? Bull.

The color is a neutral, bold red that’s almost matte (but not quite). For a matte lipstick, it’s very, very soft and almost gooey in texture.

The big, meaningful perk for VIB Rouge is that you get free shipping on any sized order on the Sephora website. For someone like me, who is basically an online-exclusive shopper, this is pretty nice. It means that I don’t have to wait until I have $50 worth of merchandise to get free shipping, and it means I can get WAY MORE SAMPLES. I made what would have been one $75 order in three $25 order batches and got a deluxe sample and three foil samples on each one, which was great. For people who live near a Sephora, they may not care about this. You also get free makeovers, which isn’t relevant to me since I live so far away (and also because I find that Sephora employees will probably give you a makeover if you ask and they have nothing to do, regardless). Finally, we supposedly will get free shit sent to us, but I am not exactly holding my breath for anything worthwhile.

Sephora is kicking off the program with extra points on purchases from August 12-18th. Beauty Insiders get double points, VIBs get triple points, and VIB Rouge members get quadruple points. (If you know you’re planning on buying cosmetics for Christmas presents, it might be worth it to grab them early during this event.)

Not-so-coincidentally, Sephora is also launching new ABSURD point perks on August 12th at 9am. Full info is available here. To give you a sense, it includes a 10,000 point trip to Paris for two. I strongly suspect that Sephora is hoping that many VIB Rouge members spend the $2,500 needed to get the Paris trip during the quadruple points event, even though only one is available. I suppose that we’ll see what happens on the 12th…


1. Yep… slightly embarrassed by my VIB status which will no doubt flip to Rouge w/ the upcoming point bonus + my birthday gifts to myself… How did I spend so much???

The red lipstick looks great on you!

2.  Hey, birthday presents to yourself are necessary!


3. I wonder how close I am.. In May I qualified to extend my VIB through Dec. 2017. I may have a problem with makeup.. lol. I really loved my VIB welcome kit last year, with all the samples. I found two new favorites through it. The % off/Free Shipping were nice when I renewed, but the makeover was worthless. If I spend That much money on makeup every year, I probably know what I’m doing already. I really find that the girls at my local Sephoras aren’t usually up on what’s new

4. Oops, I meant Dec. 2017

5. I believe you can check on your account somewhere. You can also do it the arduous way and just add up all your purchases for the year, which is what I did before the program launched.

6. Yeah, you can check via the upper left hand corner where it would probably say “Alexis’s Account”, click on the account, then on the left hand side there should be a menu that says something like “About Beauty Insider” or “About VIB” or “About VIB Rouge” and it should tell you how many points you have and how much more you need to spend to continue your Sephora Status.
🙂 Hope this helps

7. This was so spot on- I was horribly embarrassed when I made VIB. I almost don’t want to hit rouge. I love the lipstick on you though! And especially how you compared it with the “add to cart”button.

8. I wasn’t embarrassed to hit VIB, but Rouge is a different story…

9. This was hilarious to read. I immediately got my e-mail from sephora the day rouge was released and I felt so… guilty?
I wish Sephora had more to offer…