Shaving legs dated back from the World War II when nylon stockings first appeared in short supply. Bare legs now become a trend that has not cease until present. Nowadays, truly smooth, flawless legs are the fact and satisfaction of life for almost women especially when summer returns.


In fact, advance technology in modern life offers women a wide range of waxing and laser hair removal. However, shaving remains the least expensive way to have a perfect leg. Below are some steps for removing unwanted hair and keeping it away.



Shaving legs should begin half way through your warm shower. Then, smoothly scrubbing legs with shower gel to exfoliate dead cells.


Use hair conditioner (or shower gel) to create lather over leg. The recommended method is to start with ankle first, move up to the top of your thigh near your groin area.


Place your foot against the wall of the bathroom or put it on ledge of tub so as you can reach more easily. When you start shaving, begin with your ankle first.


Repeat the upward strokes all the way of your lower leg. Check out if you miss any spots and go over to make sure your leg is totally smooth.


Now, move upward strokes to your thigh. Remember to shave the back side of your thigh carefully. You may have to glide your hand in various directions and sections to get it completely smooth.


Repeat shaving your knee – the hardest part to get hair removal because hair on the knee seems to be wacky. You should shave knee in various directions with both bent knee and straightened knee.


If your finish with the whole leg, move razor down to shave the tops of your feet and toes if they are noticeable hairy. However, be careful when shaving over bony and irregular shaped areas on your feet.


Repeat with the other leg. After getting out of shower, do not dry off completely from your legs. It would be better if you apply a lotion when legs are still moist and pores.




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