I See Your Crappy Disney Makeup And Raise You…

Note: This post was made by request, meaning you are not allowed to roll your eyes at me.

On the 14th, XOJane published an article called “How To: Disney Princess Inspired Makeup For Grownups“.

Unfortunately, I think that this article was a huge missed opportunity. First of all, instead of trying to do makeup that is reminiscent of the movie styling, the author just sort of dressed up her friends who vaguely looked like the princesses in question. Even more egregiously, she blatantly ignored the unique makeup that these Disney princesses actually do display.

This post is my response to XOJane. Because the author of the XOJane piece used Snow White, Belle, Tiana, Jasmine, and Pocahontas, I chose the same characters.

On the not-so-off chance that Disney sends me a cease-and-desist letter or whatever it is that lawyer-type folks do in situations like this when someone posts Disney pictures on a blog, I do promise that there is supporting evidence here of my makeup-y choices. If you work for Disney and have little cartoon smoke plumes coming out of your ears (which I can only assume is what happens when Disney employees get mad), I’m super, super sorry and I did in fact purchase all of these movies, which has to count for something, right? Everyone, go buy Disney movies! Here is an Amazon link! Also, this is satire, which is protected speech, because I want you to imagine mustaches on all the Disney princesses! (Please don’t crush me, Disney.)

This is not, it should be noted, an article about how to look exactly like Disney Princesses. There are great tutorials out there already (the If Disney Princess Were Real youtube videos are some personal favorites). What’s more, unless you are literally Promise Phan, you can only do so much to look like people with completely different facial structures and skin colors. This is more about how to use Disney princess to inspire your makeup than to literally look exactly like Princess Jasmine.

1. Snow White

The makeup in the original article led me to conclude that the author has literally never seen the movie Snow White. (I pretty much had an aneurysm when I read the words, “skip blush for this look”.)

So let’s look at some movie stills and figure out how Snow White actually did her makeup.

One of the most prominent features on Snow White is that she has blush on the apples of her cheeks. I know it’s sort of en vogue to put blush on your cheekbones right now, but this effect is very youthful and fresh.

Her eyeshadow is sort of a dusty purple color, with a heavily defined crease.
She’s not wearing any eyeliner, though, and, regardless of what XOJane would have you do, she definitely does not have dramatic eyeliner with wings. And, of course, she has her signature warm red lipstick.

I chose a foundation color that works for me best in the winter to keep my face cool and pale and to play down any tan I might have acquired. Because Snow White’s face is so round, I skipped contouring on my cheeks, and instead contoured my forehead and jaw, to make my face less angular. I used a pinkish-red cream blush all over my cheeks to further create a round face shape and to mimic Snow White’s flush. My eyebrows were filled in darker than usual to create the same sort of stark contrast that Snow White has. If I was really committed, I would pluck them thinner… but I’m not.
For my eyes, I used mauve and pewter shadows to cover my lid and define my crease. I pressed eyeshadow into my eyelid to add some definition without using a liner. A lengthening, natural-looking mascara added to the look. I topped it off with a red cream lipstick.

2. Belle

Even at her most dramatic and elegant, Belle’s makeup is basically “no makeup makeup”

Belle’s most obvious signature is her natural-looking lipstick.
Her eyeshadow, brows, and cheeks are present, but incredibly subtle. I have no idea why XOJane seems to think Belle is into smudgy eyeliner and shimmery eyeshadow…

I kept my eyeshadow as natural as possible, with no eyeliner, and long, luscious eyelashes. I clearly defined my brows, and used a very soft, pink blush on my cheeks. I contoured my face, but did so subtly, using very light colors.

The center point was my lips, where I used a cool, nude lipstick (in my case, NYX Tea Rose).

3. Tiana
Tiana has some of the most fun makeup in the Disney franchise. Her most obvious makeup-related feature is her color-blocked lips. It is common for some women (particularly women of color) to have two-toned lips. Tiana has clearly embraced this and played it up, using two different lipsticks.

Tiana is also one of the only (maybe the only) Disney princess to use non-nude colors on her eyes. Embrace the purple eyeshadow, Disney lovers! Her eyebrows are also shaped super interestingly– they go up jus a little bit on the inside.

Finally, Tiana has fabulous blush. The wine shade on the apples of her cheeks is a unique-looking statement.

One thing that is difficult to determine, though, is her eyeliner style. Disney tends to draw eyelashes in a  way that looks as if it could be a winged eyeliner. I decided, due to my love of winged eyeliner, to assume she is wearing it (the alternative is to assume she has very triangular eyelashes).

I re-shaped my brows by filling them in to create an upturn on the inside, just as Tiana has. I used a deep red on my upper lip, and a complementary wine shade on my lower lip. Not-too-dramatic purple eyeshadow, slightly winged eyeliner, and mascara finished up my eyes.
I (very softly) dusted the apples of my cheeks with a red blush.

4. Jasmine

Princess Jasmine is all about the brows. Her eyebrows are unbelievably shapely, giving her lots of expression.

Jasmine is definitely wearing a fair bit of eyeliner on both her upper and lower lids. Her lips are sort of a dusty, warm, dark red.

It’s not totally clear what color she has on her lids– maybe a dusty metallic color?

I filled in my brows so that they are thick and dramatic. I covered my eyelids with a bronze color, with intense eyeliner on both my upper and lower eyelids and lots of mascara.I skipped blush in favor of a shimmery bronzer. My deep lipstick finished off the look.

5. Pocahontas

Last but not least, we have Pocahontas. Pocahontas has quite light, reddish eyebrows, given her dark hair.

She is definitely wearing black eyeliner on her upper lids, but she has no wings. She also has no blush.

Her lipstick is also nice and warm. However, most notably, she does not have a cupid’s bow.

Because Pocahontas has such a teeny tiny nose, I contoured my nose. I also filled in my brows with a slightly reddish shadow to add that warmth that Pocahontas has. Again, I skipped blush for bronzer. I wore a super natural eye look using light matte colors, and thick eyeliner sans wings.
For my lips, I filled in my cupid’s bow to mask it with my lipstick, giving me Pocahontas-shaped lips.

Hopefully these five looks give you some wearable, Disnified inspiration!


1. Nailed it! Thumbs up 🙂


2. This is so much better than the XOJane version! Belle and Snow White are my favorites. I’d love to see your take on some of the other princesses – Arial, Aurora, and Mulan especially!

3. If there is interest, then sure.

4. Yes!! Me too!!

I don’t even like Disney, or understand makeup, but this is super-fascinating. I guess because I am only now learning about makeup. Like, I only learned a few weeks ago (because my wife and friends carefully explained it to me and gave me examples) that most women totally wear makeup all the time and it’s just subtle. I totally would have looked at the Disney princesses and assumed that most of them weren’t wearing makeup, this is just how their mouths and eyes naturally looked.

5. This is such a fun post! I loved your Snow White and Belle.

6. I can see why you didn’t list the products you used here BUT could you possibly let me know what lipsticks you used in the Snow White and Tiana tutorials? I’ve got a wee lipstick addiction and the colours are so lovely! Also; I found this blog like a week ago and thank you so much for the regular posts! This has become like- a daily website for me. You’re super.

7. Snow White was the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 03 (whatever one says “strawberry” in the website) and Tiana was Wet’n’Wild’s Cherry Bomb with a layer of Vamp It Up on the top lip.

8. Love, love, love this post! It’s especially relevant since I’m reading it in the car on the way back from Disneyland Lol. I’d love to see the other princesses, but I think the villians have more fun makeup. Now I want to go back and look at how Disney does the character actors makeup!

9. Ooh, villains are much more fun!

10. I think you nailed Snow White and Belle. And now I want NYX Tea Rose.

11. It’s one of my favorite lipsticks!

12. I require you to do Merida…you know, for science. She might be my favorite princess.


13. I don’t think she’s wearing any at all. It would kind if go against her character if she were. Plus, isn’t she like 12? I went and looked at pictures, and it doesn’t look like the mom is either. They are both super natural.

14. well, I think pocahontas is also supposed to be pretty natural. I’m sure that something Merida-esque could be arranged.


15. Ha ha!! I just told my wife about this post and she sniped, “oh, XOJane is biting off their own work now? SASSY did that piece in the NINETIES and it was AMAZING.” She’s a huge Sassy fan and XOJane hater. Apparently it was in a reader-produced issue… it was actually about how to do your makeup like a cartoon character, but Snow White was one of them. Now I want to see if we have that issue…!

16. Also, I’m kind of surprised by how much you look like Belle in that picture!!

17. I love this.

18. I have been following your blog since January, and the Snow White look is the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen of you. Maybe it’s the lack of cheek contour making the difference? So so gorgeous

I’d LOVE to see you do Cinderella and Aurora and Ariel. I doubt you’d hear any complaints to a Disney villains post either (Maleficent……..!)

19. This is wonderful! You know what would also be fun? If you did a post like this but using famous historical women like Marie Antoinette or Queen Elizabeth I. I am sure you would be incredibly accurate!

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