To Anyone Wondering If CC Creams Are A Gimmick…


1. The “light” also looks three shades too dark for me. This was my first real month of Julep, and I’m bummed it was such an obvious skip.


2. Pretty sure the “light” is too dark for me too, but I think I am getting it anyways for the lulz. I think this is hilarious. EE creams next, you think?

3. When they get to one that cleans my house for me, I’ll buy it. 🙂

I also can’t help thinking this is for people with much, much drier skin than I have. Main ingredient is castor oil?!!? I don’t even use moisturizer most days.

4. Ha! I wonder which brand is already working on EE creams or FF creams. This is starting to get ridiculous.


5. Where is the AA cream? lol

6. Ridiculous, just ridiculous. Stuff like this puts me off the entire brand.

7. Ditto! This was my first Julep Maven box after my free one and I was really disappointed.

8. I really can’t wait to see how this nonsense turns out, at best it’ll be a meh tinted moisturizer at worst well….I wont be able to use it at all because of how godforsakenly pale I am.

Seriously though…DD Creme?

9. “Meh Moisturizer”. . .MM cream?

10. I’m looking forward to a cream to match my cup size. GG cream ahoy!

11. A couple of thoughts:
1. If I smear this on my tits, will it give me double Ds?
2. I think it’s about time I release my very own “BS Cream 100-in-1”, guaranteed to make rainbows to shoot out of your ass