Ipsy April 2016 Review

Ipsy finally made its way into my open arms this afternoon.

There were several variations of the contents of this bag, and I am happy to report that I received the one that I was hoping for.

The actual bag is “Wow I am going to get dirty in three minutes” white. Indeed, the bag was already dirty when I took this picture. I had to turn it over to hide the weird brown spot that had already appeared on the other side. White bags: seriously bad ideas.

In my bag, I received:

Sation Nail Color in Love At First Byte, retail value $5.95. 

Although the theme of this bag is “Pretty in Pink”, this nail polish isn’t really a pink. It’s more of a muted coral. This is a lovely work-appropriate color, but it does take five coats to reach opacity, which is slightly longer than my nail-polish-related attention span.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play (0.07oz), approximate retail value $1.98. 

This product looks and feels exactly like dry shampoo except that it doesn’t smell delicious. It definitely made a difference in the volume of my hair, although I am not sure that difference was a flattering one. I think this might work a little better on ladies with shorter hair, but I will definitely be able to use it for up-dos.

Be a Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks, retail value $16. 

This is a pink, shimmery blush.

It is super pigmented, but since it is easy to blend, it is still easy to work with. I like the color, but I do not like the finish. It’s very frosted. I have a hard time understanding frosted makeup save for the occasional frosted lipgloss at an ’80s themed dance party. It’s hardly atrocious, but it is not something I will be reaching for regularly, especially if I have to go out in sunlight.

Two Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow in Heartache, retail value $5.75

Two Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadows contain one color, but two finishes. One side is shimmery and the other side is matte.

I think this idea is super cute. It’s something that I have not seen before, it’s easy to use, and it’s well-pigmented. I am strongly considering purchasing a couple of these with my 25% discount since they are cheap and decently made.

Total Bag Value: $29.68

Overall, I liked this bag a lot. I think that the last few Ipsy bags have been duds, but I am pleased with products I got. Not everything is a winner, but overall the quality more than justifies my $10 investment.

This look incorporates the Be a Bombshell blush, the Two Cosmetics eyeshadow, and the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play.

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