Ipsy August 2017 Review


Ipsy August 2017 Review
The middle of September is totally the right time to review my August Ipsy bag, right?

Here’s what it looked like:

The plastic polka dotted bag was tiny and cylindrical, meaning that the majority of the products did not fit in it. It looks like a design that would be perfect for a fourth grader.

Bee All Natural Organic Lip Balm in Grapefruit (full size at 0.15 oz), retail value $3.49

When you mix enough sugar in with grapefruit, it stops tasting like grapefruit. The distinct bitterness is eliminated. I once made grapefruit cupcakes with a grapefruit buttercream, and they tasted exactly like this chapstick smells.

Cali Cosmetics Evulcano Body Lotion with Sicilian Lemons and Volcanic Minerals (travel size at 1 oz), retail value $4.00

Body lotion is body lotion. This is one with a faint artificial lemon scent, like a diluted box of LemonHeads candies.

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion (0.27 oz), approximate retail value $7.83

I actually received this product in Wantable a while back, so I have already reviewed it here. It’s a lovely, glowy pink goop that can be liberally applied to give the appearance of some sort of supernatural/ethereal/undead creature.

It’s got a lovely, faint shimmer without an overwhelming amount of color. On my face, it looks like this:

Shimmer goop. It’s good stuff.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (0.1 fl oz), approximate retail value $5.50

As a newly released product from a well-loved brand, this mascara was probably the most exciting thing in my bag.

It’s not immediately clear what this mascara brings to the table to set it apart from the gajillion other mascaras on the market. It’s neither especially wet nor especially dry. The brush doesn’t have any wonky shapes.

But a gimmick-free mascara that does its job well is a desirable thing to have. This gives nice length, adequate volume, and super, super, super black color without getting clumpy or crunchy. It’s a solid mascara.

Coastal Scents Forever Blush in Elegant and Fresh (0.08oz), approximate retail value $1.82

This is a teeny weeny little blush sample by Coastal Scents featuring two of their Forever Blushes.

Elegant is a Barbie pink with white glitter that isn’t too overwhelming. Fresh is a burnt orange shade.

Both have a good compromise when it comes to pigmentation. They’re not so faint that they won’t show up on medium or dark-skinned ladies nor so pigmented that I look like I have jock itch crawling across on my face. They blend well, although they do have that classic “cheap blush” powdery texture.

Here’s how “Elegant” looks on my face:

I hate that the packaging on the Coastal Scents samples that come in subscription boxes is so shitty. I’m sure that’s done intentionally so you’re not tempted to just keep the sample for eons, but it takes away from any luxury you might feel about your subscription box service. Tiny, white, plastic tubs are just not very glamorous.

BONUS: Tini Beauty Lipstick in Plum Wine (full size at 0.12oz), retail value $18.00

If no one ever used my referral link, this blog post would be over. However, when you make referrals, Ipsy offers “points” that you can “spend” to get extra crap. Enough of you use my referral link that I always have a shitload of Ipsy points and I just mindless spend them whenever I notice there is something new I can use them on.

Since normal subscribers (i.e. not bloggers) are going to have a fuckload of a time getting enough Ipsy points to actually spend them, the rest of this blog, which focuses entirely on bonuses, is kind of an exercise in narcissism.

In this case, some of my points were redeemed on a Tini Beauty Lipstick in the shade Plum Wine, since NailTini has apparently just decided to go for it and do the whole makeup thing.


I adore this color. I think it’s fabulous. It’s like a vampy version of a mauve. It leaves a shine on your lips.


The packaging is atrocious, though, unfortunately, especially given the high $18.00 price tag. The flimsy gray plastic seems like something Clinique would have scrapped in the 1990s.

Thanks to the excellent color, though, I will forgive them.

BONUS: Tini Beauty Shadow Tint in Ambrosia (0.14oz), retail value $18.00

I also spent points on a Tini Beauty Shadow Tint which is a cream eyeshadow that can allegedly also be used as an eyeshadow base.

The product has a strange, mousse-y texture, but the color swatches beautifully. It’s a toffee color with a lavender duochrome effect. Unfortunately, this loveliness doesn’t seem to translate well to my eyes, where it looks like a wash of tan.

I didn’t have any issues with creasing, though, which is pretty decent for a cream eyeshadow.

Total Box Value (Not Including Bonuses): $22.64
Total Box Value (Including Bonuses): $58.64


Ipsy wanted to get rid of all their old, crappy samples that they had no use for, so one of the bonuses they offered this month was a second bag full of things they would have otherwise thrown away. One man’s trash is another man’s… well, probably trash.

The bag was the neon-leopard bag they sent out in June of 2017. I never really thought about what Ipsy does with the bags that don’t sell. Now I’m just imagining them all piled up in cardboard boxes somewhere.

Here’s what came inside:

Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter (2.5 fl oz), approximate retail value $4.68

If you can believe it, it’s a body butter that smells like coconut. (VERY STRONGLY SCENTED, for the record.)

Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches (2 pads), approximate retail value $2.57

These… eye patches? That can’t be what I am supposed to call them.


These under eye devices feel much like you are putting bandages on your face, if those bandages smelled like Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey in Vanilla. (They aren’t as painful to get off, though.)

I’m kind of at a loss about what these are actually supposed to do, and the ingredient list isn’t helping me out. It’s got a few moisturizing ingredients but you could just, you know… use moisturizer. It also has some ingredients that can cause irritation in those with sensitive skin (e.g. polyvinyl alcohol).

It seems like people who really want to stick stickers on their face could find a cheaper way to do so.

Coastal Scents Classic Shadow Medium Natural Brush, retail value $2.49

For $2.49, this really isn’t a bad eyeshadow brush. It reminds me of the ELF Studio C Brush, but it’s actually slightly less expensive, so it might be worth it for people throwing an add-on to a Coastal Scents order they are already making.

It certainly won’t compete with the “big guns” in eyeshadow brushes, but I doubt many people spending less than $3 on a brush are expecting that.

Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in Naturally Bare (0.15oz), approximate retail value $7.20

A got a different color variation on this trio in December of 2017, and I was happy with it then.

This one is even better. There is a little bit of graininess in the shades, but, overall, the texture is buttery and the pigmentation is rich.

The shades include a white gold highlight, a metallic bronze, and a cool, medium taupe, all with copious shimmer.

On my face, the shadows look like this:

Starlooks Gem Pencil in Amethyst (full size at 0.08oz), retail value $14.00

I received this exact product in November of 2017 and don’t have a lot to add to that review. The shimmery lavender color is beautiful, although I don’t get enough use out of the pencil to really need two of them.

Total Value of Bonus Bag: $30.94
Total Value of Everything Put Together: $89.58

Overall, given the cornucopia of free shit I got, I obviously can’t complain. Narrowing the focus, though, to the core of the original bag, sans bonuses, and I still feel moderately positive. I liked that there were some decent makeup options, including something newly released and exciting. The bag was ugly, but I think the Ipsy bags are ugly a solid 80% of the time.

If you suddenly feel the need to give me even more free junk join Ipsy, my referral link is available by clicking here.


  1. Kelsey

    I felt a bit like the perversion mascara had a paint roller for an applicator, seemed kind of shaggy and hard to not get on my eyelids!

  2. Leslie Bunt

    This was my first Ipsy bag and I was disappointed in the bag itself. I stuffed some tampons in it and left it in my BF’s bathroom. I haven’t tried the Perversion mascara yet but I doubt it will be better than my current (Cliniqu High Impact). In September’s bag I got a lipgloss in a nice muted rose color… but the package had no protective seal whatsoever. No plastic shrink wrap, no sticker, nothing. Has that ever happened to you? Did you use the product or toss it?

  3. Chantel

    Now that I have good, steady employment, I’m so tempted to sign up for a beauty subscription but… I think I might get just as much enjoyment out of reading these posts, especially since I wouldn’t likely get the add-ons.

  4. a007eb5a-0b6c-11e4-a13e-ef7db2d5fe92

    Bleh, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…have you considered doing a giveaway with all the referral freebies you get from the blog? Ipsy, Julep, etc. There’s just something that rubs me the wrong way about I’LL TAKE ALL THE FREE THINGS THANKS in all these posts. I think sharing some of those gains would help.

  5. Sara Clarke

    I don’t know, it doesn’t really rub me the wrong way considering the referrals are a result of folks reading this blog that she writes for free, for your entertainment. If she gets some free shit out of it, more power, ya know?

  6. Shanna Mann

    I agree. Swatching, pics, the writing and formatting, the analyses and tests and stats (oh, lord). This blog is basically a part-time job. If hellocampcomfort.com gets some free shit for all that work, it’s really the least she deserves.

  7. Ellie

    Do you not get that hellocampcomfort.com’s blog is unsponsored? She doesn’t get a bunch of free stuff to review, which means she buys everything herself, aside from the often crappy cast-offs that she can get with points. She earns those points – not by spamming us or begging for referrals, but by producing one of the best beauty blogs I’ve ever encountered. Rather than relying on “OMG, LOL GF” reviews, she dispenses useful information. If you want free shit, YOU create an engaging and notably different blog.

  8. Cassy G

    The Sheer Glo looks really nice on you. I couldn’t get it to show up on me. Thinking about it now, it might be because I am pale with a lot of pink undertones. I think that the product is basically me-colored somehow.

  9. beautyona

    I’ve been using that bag for pencils and pens, and everyone* thinks I’m the coolest. (*Everyone=the kids I work with. So your description is accurate!)

    Also I hate those face mask sticker things! Birchbox once sent me a full face paper mask, and it was like a strait jacket. I looked like an American Horror Story character and had to rip it off immediately.

    Your bonus products look great though, I’m glad you got something nice out of the bag!

  10. thepaintedrogue

    There are some rather nice things in this particular round (for me) both in terms of the actual bag and the freebies you got! I think my favourite thing is that amethyst liner, funnily enough. I dunno – I just feel like I need a shimmery lavender eyeliner in my life, you know? 😉

  11. Rebecca B. Bird

    I have to say, your bonus/leftover crap bag looks more exciting to me than the August bag. Probably because I got the same Starlooks pencil and POP trio way back when and liked them a lot. The shimmer goop does look pretty nice though!

  12. (Honestly) Kate

    I’m using the bag to keep batteries in. It’s perfect for that and now I don’t have to hunt through a drawer full of stuff trying to find a single AA battery.

    I do like the POP Beauty shadow. After lingering in my bag of eye makeup for a while, it has become my “everyday” eye shadow. I do believe I’ll be a little annoyed when it runs out. I might even buy another. I wish I had some more points, I’d have gotten an extra bag.

  13. Ellie

    That’s one nice thing about the monthly bags – even the sort of ugly ones always have a purpose, and they hold up better and look nicer than a bunch of sandwich baggies.

  14. Casey

    I don’t have an ipsy subscription, but every time I see their bags I keep thinking that they would be excellent tampon holders that you can just stick inside your bag.

  15. Elizabeth

    Totally. The August one, especially.

  16. Budget

    Nice. I am cancelling my bag this month (can’t justify the cost after I lost my job and I’m not consistently loving the bags) so I will have to live vicariously through you! I think the idea of hving a bonus item being past items is actually pretty smart. Surprised they hadn’t thought of it sooner hah. That bag IS ugly but I totally know hte vibe they were going for- a pencil case for back to school. I can imagine LOTS of people using it for that.

  17. Erin G.

    I really liked the Perversion mascara formula. I thought it went on smoothly and richly with no annoying clumps on the tips of the lashes. The only thing, though, was where did it go by the end of the day? I looked at my lashes and most of the volume and length was gone! I saw no flecks of it on my face. Does anyone else have their mascara just up and disappear on them? I love luminizers, and thought the Manna Kadar one held promise. But like another poster, it disappeared on my cool toned fair complexion, leaving me with an annoying holographic gold sheen.