It’s that time of the month.

No, not THAT time of the month.

It’s the time of the month where the subscription boxes start rolling in.

Here’s my junk. Er, my stuff. Er… sorry, I am feeling a bit like Tobias Funke today.

This month’s Ipsy was housed in a bag that is slightly less boring than the last two bags we received. Like the last few months, the bag in question is an awkward shine-y brown/black. Whoever is buying these bags is clearly really into that particular aesthetic. Also simple can be beautiful, a ten cent makeup bag needs some sort of design to distract from how cheap it looks. However, on the bright side, it is filled with little stars, which is pretty cute.

Almost acceptable.

In this bag, I recieved:
Argan Oil by Josie Maran Cosmetics (0.17oz), approximate retail value $4.17

Josie Maran Argan Oil

 I didn’t even realize why my makeup was melting off my my face today until I sat down to write this review. Goddamn it argan oil! I disapprove!


I know many of my buds joyfully indulge in their oil cleansing method and use oils as moisturizers and all kinds of stuff like that. And, indeed, I love you and your beautiful oily faces. But this shit just ain’t for me. Me and my oil-free moisturizer will be in the corner snuggling.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter (2.5oz), retail value $7.00

Pacifica Body Butter

 I am really impressed at how ridiculously this scent appears and disappears. Since this is a blog for science lovers, I thought I would be really helpful and make a graph.

Legitimately, when I first applied this I thought that it was unwearable. I didn’t want to spend all day reeking of hyper-concentrated Skittles. Two and a half minutes later? Smell completely gone. I remain baffled.

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play (1.6oz), retail value $6.00

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play

This is a totally adequate hair spray. My closet right now is 40% full of hair spray and 60% full of impractical shoes I never wear. If I were to guess what the exact median was in terms of not sucking at being hair spray, this would be my guess.

Nailtini in Bloody Mary, retail value $13.00

Nailtini Bloody Mary

This is a very bright red (not at all the color of a Bloody Mary the drink). I do really like the color, but I don’t like its lasting ability. I applied this polish yesterday and am already getting chips.


I am baffled as to why the manufacturers of this product think it’s worth 162% the cost of a bottle of Opi. Save yourself the trouble and pick up a better brand at the drugstore.

Soho New York Eyeliner Brush, retail value $7.99

Soho New York Eyeliner Brush. This is a horrible picture, but you get the idea.

 I was hoping to get a crease brush, since a variety of brushes went out with this month’s bags. This is a wee bit floppy, but it does a respectable job.

Total Box Value: $38.16

Overall, I am not very excited about this bag. I’ve been spoiled by months of makeup. I think that Ipsy would have been wise to mix their makeup and other products a bit more. Then, neither product-lovers nor makeup-lovers would be disappointed. Cross your fingers and wish for makeup next month.

  1. I like Josie Maran argan oil. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

2. Different strokes for different folks! It didn’t work for me, unfortunately. I have plenty of friends willing to take it off my hands, however.

3. I loved this month’s bag. I was happy to get lotion since it’s winter and bigsexyhair stuff is EXPENSIVE! They brush was a total bust, though. Mine is all wonky at the top, so it doesn’t give a precise line. I recommend not putting your eyeliner on with it. I got Frappe Nailtini in my bag, which I’m thankful for because I don’t have a decent neutral polish for work. I particularly enjoyed that. This was my first bag. I hope for makeup extras next month!

4. Huh. That’s so funny. My brush was just fine

5. Dude, argan oil changed my life. I use it every night as a moisturizer and my skin has never looked better. Although, I would never buy it from Josie Maran. Garden of Wisdom sells the exact same product for a fraction of the cost. Hope next month’s bag will be completely different, no more repeat brands which Ipsy is tending to do recently.

6. Wow, I can’t believe this is the first time of me hearing of Garden of Wisdom! Thanks for sharing!

7. I think since ipsy is still on the newer side of things, they don’t have connections to very many brands, which might explain the repeats.

8. Thanks for a critical review I get sick of beauty blogs that just gush like an idiot. (no offense it’s just like you must have some thoughts on what could improve?)

9. I’ve only really tried the Nailtini and lotion out of mine so far (getting up ridiculously early for a commute that is hours long just to work in a pharmacy that is either freezing or boiling hot is not quite a day I want to invest precious minutes of sleep for makeup) as I am perfectly content stumbling into Starbucks mid-commute and barely awake in a hoodie and scrubs. My Nailtini has not chipped on me so far, but I did get the Frappe and getting okay coverage takes a few coats in such a light color. I am a nail polish junkie, so ‘free’ polish makes me happy. Though Nailtini is a brand that if I were to actually set out to buy a polish, I wouldn’t know where to start.

10. I’ve never tried argan oil but I’m really curious! 🙂