Ipsy July 2016 Review

Oh, Ipsy. I know you’re trying. Well, I don’t know. But I assume. Still, your alleged effort seems to be consistently for naught.

Another month, another bag of junk. As per usual, WOW this clear, pink, plastic bag is unbelievably tacky. It would look at home filled with Lisa Frank merchandise.

Not to mention: Why are you getting here so damn late in the month? If you were my period, I would have taken about eight pregnancy tests by now.

Here’s what I got:

BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Sample (estimated 0.09 oz), estimated retail value $0.62

This sample epitomizes what I hate about Ipsy. Is it a sort of reasonable-looking size? Yup. Is it acceptably packaged? Sure. Is it so low-quality that I would have snubbed my nose at it in middle school? DEFINITELY.

There are three colors: Hollywood, a royal purple, San Francisco, a medium brown, and Malibu, a gold. These eyeshadows have virtually no pigmentation when swatched dry. Using a damp brush alleviates some of the intensity issues, but leaves them looking muddy.

Dry swatches on top, wet on bottom.

To be frank, I would much prefer to get a smaller sample that has decent quality.

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush (0.1 oz), approximate retail value $4.17

I am convinced that everything Pop Beauty touches turns to crap. There’s no way they can be this bad on accident, right?

I like the color, but the product is patchy, easily smeared, greasy, and quick-to-fade. I will say that I appreciate the fact that these are twist up, removing the need to sharpen them.

Coola Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer (0.23 oz), approximate retail value $4.87

Coola is apparently under the impression that you can make tinted moisturizer and only make it in one color. I don’t know who suggested that is the case to them, but, as someone who would prefer not to dramatically change skin colors, I’d love an apology. This orange gunk had to immediately be washed off my face.

Even leaving aside the color problems, though, this product was a fail. At a mere SPF 20, it’s not really appropriate for summer. And, although it claims to smell like roses, it smells like roses where there is something “off” about them, rather than a nice fresh scent.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray (1.7 oz), approximate retail value $8.88

This was probably the best product that I received in my bag. I am super glad I checked my mail with wet hair today, since spraying this on my damp mop led to relatively pretty results. It takes a bit of a punch to get body into long hair, and this did the job successfully.

Nailtini Nail Polish in Mai Tai (0.5 oz), retail value $6

Mai Tai is an orange-y, coral-y red that is opaque in two coats.

Bonus: Nicole By OPI Nail Polish in Pretty In Plum (0.5 oz), retail value $7

 My “Oh, hey, I guess you referred some people” bonus was another nail polish. (Clearly Ipsy doesn’t know how much nail polish I own.) For some reason, this nail polish is Selena Gomez themed.

Messy manicure using the nail polishes I got from Ipsy.

Total Box Value: $24.54 without the bonus, $31.54 with it.

A look using the shadows, the lip pencil, and the hair shit.

Overall, I’m obviously pretty displeased with this bag. It doesn’t help that other people received Benefit products and/or a nice-looking facial scrub, which would have been much more pleasing than the stuff I received.

If my grumbly review mysteriously convinced you to join this service, please feel free to use my referral link here.


1. Haha, our opinions on Ipsy are always SO different! I was a big fan of this bag. I loved the nail polishes (though Nailtini was streaky until Coat #3 for me), and the eye shadows, and I got the anti-humidity spray for my hair which was a GODSEND. Plus I do intend on using the bag itself at the beach since it’s vaguely waterproof. Worth the $10 for sure. I did want the Benetint though…

2. I read people’s reviews a lot and that’s pretty common! Things some people love, other people hate. Although I did see quite a few people who expressed some disappointment this month.

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4. I completely agree with the eye shadow palette, it’s complete garbage. Also, instead of the nail polish I got this perfume sample that smells like soap so that kinda sucked too. I was pretty “meh” about everything else in the bag.

5. That’s basically how I felt too. If one of the things I didn’t like was replaced by something great, I would have been way less grumpy.

6. I halfway agree about the eyeshadow palette. The gold is actually not bad, pigment-wise. I didn’t get the tinted moisturizer though, I just got regular sunscreen, which is kinda nice. I also thought the lip crayon had decent staying power, at least on me.


7. The gold is definitely the least-bad of them.

8. yeah. I think I’m going to turn the purple into lip balm or eye liner. It’s not good for much else.

9. LOL! That’s what every review I read said – “at least the gold is okay!” Except for one person who actually liked it, but in sort of a squee way. Like, “Everything I got is so great I only just opened the box I’m very excited about everything I see BYE!”

I wish more people would ACTUALLY review all the different boxes. So many blogs are just like “Here is what is in my box and my very first reaction to it. This seems nice, I’ll definitely try it.” And I’m left going, BUT DID IT WORK? WAS IT GOOD? WHAT DID IT DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????

Which is why I love this blog.

10. I was so fooled by the chatter I read beforehand. I thought everyone was squealing about getting a lip stain (which I guess the Benetint can double as) and I assumed they were talking about the pop crayon. So I got all excited about the pop crayon, and even went to the extra effort of trading my hideous-on-me Coral Crush for a haven’t-gotten-it-yet Rose Romance.

I do really like the texture. And I hope to enjoy the new color, because I have ONE lipstick color that I have ever used and it would be fascinating to have a NEW one.

But I really need a lip stain, not a lipstick, because as it stands now I get lipstick on my wife wherever I kiss her and then I have to wipe it off or else she’ll wipe it off, and there’s nothing less romantic than kissing someone and having them immediately wipe your kiss off!!

I guess basically, I felt great about this (my first Ipsy bag!) because I thought the pop crayon was a big deal, and it took me forever to learn that it wasn’t… so I still have that good first impression feeling.

Although a lot of people did go on and on about how it was a much cheaper dupe for some Tarte lip thing. So I guess I can still give it credit for that. And for feeling nice before it rubs off 🙂

I really needed more sea salt spray, too, so I’m happy with it; I would have spent ten dollars on a spray whether it came in a bag full of stuff or not.

…I wonder if I can get benetint samples on ebay….

11. Mmmm… I have several Tarte lip tints and they are nothing alike, save packaging.

12. Damnit! /shakes fists/ Well, at least I’m brightening some Canadian’s life by trading lip crayons with her. And it is fun to put on.

Aha, here’s where I read it: http://diniwilks.blogspot.com/2016/07/july-2016-ipsy-glam-bag-review.html At least I wasn’t hallucinating.

Have you tried the Benetint stuff? I was toying with the idea of buying it straight-out, since now they have some deal where you get the Hello Gorgeous Trio if you spend $35 and put in your ipsy GLAMBAG code. Except I can’t figure out what the hell a Hello Gorgeous Trio is. I’m going to go back to not wearing any makeup at all if it’s going to be this confusing!

13. Oh I see… the trio is

refined finish facial polish deluxe mini
high beam deluxe mini
BADgal lash mascara deluxe mini

Hm. Meh. Hm.

14. I’m glad I got the un-tinted version of the Coola sunscreen/moisturizer because that color looks way too dark for my skin! I also got Benefit’s Benetint (even though it’s a super tiny one). The Benetint and the beachy spray was enough to make this bag worth it for me.

The Pop Beauty lip crayon was pretty awful for me. It came in “Romantic Rose” which looked so pinky-white on my lips, it was awful. Your shade looks much nicer.

15. Given that you got an un-tinted sunscreen and the Benetint, it sounds like your bag wasn’t too much of a drag!