Ipsy September 2017 Review

Month. September. One of those. Oh god. Please forgive my lateness. I don’t know why I am so short on time these days. Judging by the dust bunnies, I clearly can’t blame the time I have been spending cleaning.

Stuff Ipsy sent me a super long time ago:

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser with Cucumber and Watercress (1 fl oz), approximate retail value $2.33

Both cucumber and watercress have really distinctive smells and this facial cleanser smells like neither. I know it says “with” and not “scented as”, but I was kind of expecting this to smell like something other than ‘bathroom’.  Also, the packaging looks like the 90s threw up on it. It’s basically an oil-based cleanser, so if that is a thing you like… that’s what this is.

Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair 10-in-1 Complete Correction (0.85 fl oz), approximate retail value $8.50

I don’t style my hair, I shower at night, and all hair products are basically the same to me, so I am a terrible person to review this product. To me, it just felt like I was adding an extra dimethicone-y conditioner to my hair and then refusing to wash it out. It does smell very nice, though.

Crown Brush Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet C476, retail value $6.99

I was very interested in this brush because Crown Brushes are on Hautelook all the time. This is one of those brands, though, that is constantly “on sale”, something that is really suspicious to me. Their website says that the retail price on this brush is $17.50, but the price is constantly marked down to $6.99. It’s not a discount if that is always the price.

They were kind of as I was expecting them to be: not the worst brushes I have used, but probably not worth purchasing, no matter how fancy and cheap the brush kit looks. The brush doesn’t pick up a lot of pigment and the bristles are really splayed, which reduces your precision. I did bring this brush on a business trip, though, so it served a nice purpose. I prefer to travel with things where I wouldn’t be terribly upset if they were eaten by wolves or thrown off of the airplane in midair before I got home.

Pacifica Natural Eye Pencil in Fringe (0.026 oz), approximate retail value $2.86

This looks like one of those terrible, pencils that offer up no pigment at all while feeling like you are being scratched by steal wool, but it totally isn’t. It’s actually very nice.

Despite appearances, the pencil is soft and pigmented. It’s a lovely chestnut brown. The fine tip even allows for a little bit of precision when you apply it.

Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet (full size at 0.13oz), retail value $13.00

The name of this brand is very strange to me because Hikari means something very specific in my life. It is my favorite brand of fish food:

To me, Hikari will always be fish and not makeup. Sorry, incorrectly named brand.

This lipstick is actually not too shabby, however. It’s smooth and pigmented, and it lasts well. The plastic case is a bit dinky, but it certainly doesn’t look bad.

In keeping with their total inability to name things, though, Hikari dubbing this “cabernet” is sort of ridiculous, since the color is more of a medium  rose than a deep wine shade.

If you really wanted to stick to an alcohol theme, something like “Raspberry wine” might have been more appropriate.

Bonus Items: Miss Adoro False Eyelashes in #46, retail value $1.99
Miss Adoro Lash Adhesive in Dark (full size at 0.06oz), retail value $2.00

In addition to the normal box items, I also got a little Miss Adoro bonus pack for referring new subscribers. It included some falsies and lash glue.

The eyelash glue was black, which is not my favorite color for eyelash glue (clear is the way to go), especially when I am trying to make it work with brown eyeliner… but the tube did its job.

The lashes have some nice drama to them without being overly ridiculous. They are totally adequate cheapo falsies.

Miss Adoro Silky Eyeshadow in Fairy’s Tail (full size, estimated 0.07oz), retail value $7.00

I also got a little eyeshadow duo.

There’s a slightly shimmery cream and an even more shimmery champagne.

Quality: meh. You’ve tried drugstore eyeshadow like this. A little grainy. Could be more pigmented. … But nothing to complain about given the price point. I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

Total Box Value (excluding bonuses): $33.68

Total Box Value (including bonuses): $44.67
Here’s how September’s Ipsy products looked piled on my face at the same time:

Overall, I would call this box a success. Other than the cleanser, I am happy to have at least tried each of these items, and some of them (the lipstick in particular) are downright lovely.

If you are interested in joining Ipsy, you are always welcome to use my referral link by clicking here.


  1. Michelle Qiu

    What fish do you have? I have a lot of plecos and they all eat the hikari algae wafers too haha.

  2. KayLynn

    I hated that eye shadow brush, funny thing is when I saw it in my glam room it was the one thing was most excited about.

  3. snowsparklegems

    LOL I never know the fish snacks brand but well, the words Hikari is used widely. The literal meaning of Hikari is Light though. What do you think? Does the lipstick bring light to your life? LOL! X’D

  4. thepaintedrogue

    The liner, lipstick and lashes all seem pretty decent – I agree on the black lash glue though. Why would you make it anything *other* than clear?

  5. (Honestly) Kate

    I had the exact same bag in September. I feel pretty meh about it. Nothing terribly impressive (I do like the lipstick though).