Julep July 2016 Review

Although I do enjoy laughing at Julep’s misguided attempts to “invent” new products, I couldn’t bring myself to take Julep’s “Beach Tonic” this month. The idea of spraying myself with oils sounds less like a luxurious way to apply moisturizer and more like a greasy new chore. Julep also released a sea salt hair texture spray this month, which I would have gladly tried, but it wasn’t included in any of the boxes. Needless to say, I passed on it.
Instead, I went back to my Julep-y roots with It Girl, the all-polish box. It contained three polishes: Angela, Nadia, and Tracy.Nadia is a frosty sunshine yellow. It takes about three coats to reach opacity. It’s got a fair bit of glitter in it, but the glitter doesn’t interfere with the texture, making it easy to remove. The shade, to me, is a little bit too “Spring”-y. It reminds me of newborn chicks and easter eggs. I don’t really understand how it fits into the “California Coast” monthly theme.

Angela is a deep, emerald-y blue-green. Again, this color doesn’t feel like summer to me. However, the deep richness and funky color mean that this is still a fabulous polish.

Tracy is a textured glitter with a sandy-looking finish. This was my favorite of the polishes that  I received because the finish is pretty unconventional. It’s opaque in two coats, just like a traditional nail polish, but the rough, salty-looking texture looks absolutely stellar. It’s neither over-the-top nor boring.

Julep also included forty sheets of green tea blotting paper, which I think was a brilliant decision for the heat of summer. Unfortunately, it’s so hot here that blotting paper can’t exactly contain the waterfall of sweat that pours off my temples every day. (WHY DID I GO ON A BIKE RIDE IN ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DEGREE HEAT TODAY. WHY.) This is a great tool, though, and I love blotting paper. I would much rather get something like this than some fucking rock candy or whatever. I will admit that this seems to be a little less absorbent than the Boscia blotting linens I typically use.

This is the first month that Julep has shipped their add-ons with the actual box, which is a choice so obvious that I am kind of shocked that they did not do it earlier. Having no fourth-of-July manicure plans, I picked up Fireworks to fill the patriotic hole in my nail polish collection.

Fireworks is a red, white, and blue topcoat that’s perfect over another patriotic color or over a neutral.

As per usual, I am relatively ambivalent about my Julep box. The quality of the polishes is totally acceptable, but I am not sure that I will ever wear Nadia. Perhaps I am simply being taunted by the idea of that sea salt texture spray that I did not get to try…

If you are suddenly overwhelmed with a compelling need to become a Julep Maven, you can get your first box free with the code FREEBOX. Please feel free to use my referral link here.

1. let me first day I am so glad to have found someone to bitch out my Julep box with. this month I did not get to choose which box I wanted and was very sad to find the dry oil bottle and a bunch of blotting papers in the same order. my daughter and I had a good laugh over that one. this is one bottle I won’t even attempt to try let alone open. I have enough of my own oil thanks. the good news is I did receive two of the most awesome nail colors I can’t wait to play with but I can’t find said nail polishes so I’ll have to let you know later but I didn’t get that California beach vibe either. they are purple almost holographic colors that I would choose for fall. right now anything attracting the sun here in Arizona is like setting fire to your hand for giggles. not. gonna. happen. I’m actually considering canceling my Julep and finding a different service of deliverable goodies. one more month and if any more fails come that relationship is over.

2. What prevented you from being able to choose your box? You should be able to do it on the website during the selection window…

3. Love the yellow polish!

4. Fireworks looks AMAZING! Pity it’s already the 3rd and far too late to order/use it for the Fourth of July. Except for Nadia I really love all the polishes you got from Julep.

When you get the month box do you get a break on buying other polishes? Because I just about fell off my chair when I saw they were charging 10 bucks for each of their tiny ass polishes on their website! I like some of their colors (hate their stupid bottles) but they are not worth as much as OPI especially considering how little you get.

5. They have “add-ons” for $5 when you get your box.

6. Not to taunt you, but the sea salt spray is really pretty good!