Julep Maven April 2016 Review

Although I frequently skip my Julep Maven box, I decided to go ahead and grab it this month. My rationale is still a bit unclear. But… it’s my birthday! Plus… yellow! Or something! I don’t know!

As always, I got the “It Girl” box, which contains three polishes and no products. And, as always, the value of the box is slightly debatable. At full price, the box is valued at $42. At the discounted Maven price, it is valued at $33.60. And, if it is valued ounce per ounce the same as OPI, it is worth $12.96.

I even went so far as to purchase an extra… which Julep decided to exile into a completely separate box, presumably because they heard about my love of cardboard.

In separate boxes for no reason. Am I missing the point of an “add on”?

This month’s theme was “Turn on the Brights”. The packaging, as a result, looked like an Easter egg basket. They also included a piece of rock candy. This is not super exciting because rock candy is not delicious.

In total, including my extra, I got four polishes: the Hard Candy Nail Glaze in Candy (my add-on), Eden, Mackenzie and Abbie.
Such lovely bright colors!

Abbie is yellow creme with surprising opacity. I’ve been trained to snub my nose at yellow polishes due to their terrible tendency to require 85 coats and then to stain my nail. This, however, was a nice surprise. It hardly looks perfect in my photo, but that is because I am terribly impatient… and that’s not the polish’s fault.
Mackenzie reminds me of a green Jolly Rancher. It’s thinner than its creamy counterparts, but it is still opaque in two coats.
Eden, though, was the true standout. This indigo blue has a hint of violet. It dries to a unique leathery finish.
Finally, I tested out my add-on: the Rock Candy Nail Glaze in Candy. For some reason, I was fooled into thinking that this would create something sexy and interesting. Although this product is mysteriously missing from the Julep website, it was marketed as something that would make purple polishes really pop. Unfortunately, it just made my nail extra shiny.
Swatched on its own, Candy looks like this:

It seems it is just too subtle for me.

If you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven and kindly want to give me credit for referring you, you can click here. The self-explanatory code FREEBOX should get you a free box.