Julep Maven October 2016 Review

I am pretty sure Julep’s calendar is, like, two weeks ahead, since I typically get my box in the month prior to the month printed on the front of the package.

I guess the theme this month is… steampunk? I try to ignore the themes on my subscription boxes because they never make any sense. (Maybe I just take things too literally. But seriously, how is brown eyeliner “steampunk”?)

The bonus for this month was a little packet of candy corn. I know that candy corn is a divisive subject, but I ADORE IT. It’s my favorite tricolored, corn-syrup-flavored, autumnal sugar-acquisition method.
I chose Modern Beauty this month, which is the all-product box. I picked it because one of the two products, the Mask Noir, seemed particularly intriguing. The second product, the Kajal Eye Glider, came in every box save for It Girl, which is the all-polish box.

I really like the packaging on the Mask Noir; I think it looks really modern. Furthermore, the idea of having a white package for a black product is just viscerally appealing.

I love peel-off masks in general because they remind me of that scene from Back to the Future 2 when Doc peels off his face and looks exactly the same underneath. (Why that makes me so happy, I do not know.)
The actual product is BLACK. Like, they are not joking about the black. It’s not quite Sharpie black, but it’s definitely Sharpie-knockoff black.

Unfortunately, this has one big downside: if you are white, it reeeeeally looks like you are wearing blackface when you put this on. Reeeeeeeeeeally. A lot. I was going to take a picture of myself wearing the mask, but once I put it on, I realized that I couldn’t, because there was just no way that the picture wouldn’t get taken out of context. The parts of your face that you avoid (like your eyebrows) don’t help, because it just looks like sloppy blackface, which isn’t any better.

The mask took about twenty minutes to fully dry and it peeled off about as well as any peel-off mask does. Here’s where the black comes in handy, though: you can see where all the gritty parts that didn’t come off properly are! My other peel-off masks are clear. As a result, I end up shedding little stringy hunks of mask onto my pillow at night because I think I got it all… but I didn’t. With the black, it’s easy to see, so you know for sure that you removed everything.

I really enjoyed this product, but I’d say that the full price of $32 for 2.5oz ($12.8 per ounce) is a bit high, just because it takes a lot of slathering to get a good mask going. Note that this is ounces, NOT fluid ounces; 2.5oz of a heavy product like this is a much smaller volume than 2.5 fl oz. Just eyeballing it, it looks like maybe 1.5 fluid ounces. At this price point, I start rationing my products because I don’t want to waste them. (It’s even worse when I love the product. My favorite clothes literally never get worn because I’m so worried I’ll spill something on them or rip them or something.)

The second product in my box was the Kajal Eye Glider and Sharpener. The packaging on this is really bulky because they added in that eyeliner sharpener, meaning you get a mondo box for a skinny little liner.

I used the eyeliner sharpener for the sake of this review and it’s fine, but hardly special. I actually haven’t found a difference between eyeliner sharpeners across price points. Since this doesn’t have a hole for jumbo pencils, though, it’s only half-functional for my personal pencil-sharpening needs.

The double-ended eyeliner pencil has two colors: a sparkly medium brown and a “not-quite-as-black-as-I’d-like” black.

One swipe vs heavy swatch of both the brown and the black.

I found the liner to be a little bit stiff, which makes it a bit unpleasant to apply. My eyelids are spoiled by all the ubersoft liners out there, I suppose. When my grandma’s eyelids needed to be lined, they had to buy charred sticks and it was uphill both ways to the store. (Disclaimer: no, it wasn’t.)
Julep Kajal Eye Glider on Human Face

I’m overall pleased with my box, but I am retrospectively regretting my decision not to get any nail polish add-ons! I only have a hundred million nail polishes, so two or three more would really complete my collection.

If you decide that would would like to join Julep, please feel free to use my referral link here. The code “FREEBOX” will get you your first box for freeeeeeee!


1. Omg, so appreciated your comments about the color of the mask. I have a blackberry mask from B&BW and it’s THE EXACT SAME THING. I avoid mirrors the entire time I have it on because I just feel so damn awkward.

2. Cultural baggage…

3. I really love your eye makeup in the last photo. Could you share what you’re wearing?

4. Oh gosh. Shiro’s the Truth, Fyrinnae’s Pyromantic Erotica, aaaand I have no idea what’s in the crease.

5. I agree, that eye makeup is divine!

6.┬áSteampunk’s all about brown leather and brass, but one brown eyeliner is a bit thin on theme! The candy corn made me think they should have gone with halloween instead.

7. And thrown in a shimmery green or purple eyeshadow/red lipstick of course!

8. Maybe they thought Halloween was too basic?

9. The theme was Rebel so close? ­čśë You didn’t get the glow in the dark polish?!?! I can’t pass on anything so kitsch.

10. I didn’t pay attention to the add-ons and I definitely regret it! The black latex one looks pretty cool, too. That will teach me to be absent-minded during the selection window…

11. omg the blackface comment.. i died. Never had a mask which wasn’t anything other than clear.. other than the white sheet masks which often elicits remarks from my SO that i am impersonating freddy kruger. I’ve been learning too much about American history and the civil rights movement for me to even consider this julep mask though loool sorry julep!