Julep May 2016 Review

I’m not going to lie. I have been really excited for this Julep Maven box. When Julep emailed us to let us know that the box would contain lipstick, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to skip this month.

My lust for lipstick prevented me from choosing the box I normally pick, “It Girl”. Instead, I went for “Classic with a Twist”. Indeed, there is a big part of me that regrets not choosing “Modern Beauty”, the all-products box that contained not only three lipsticks, but a sugar scrub and a mascara.

Overall, though, this box was a winner. Normally I think the bonuses included in Julep boxes are complete trash. (Seriously, rock candy last month? Come on now.) But these floral bobby pins are actually kind of adorable. I will definitely use these.

Everything about the packaging was gorgeous, from the tissue paper to the ribbons.

Julep put out two lip trios this month, one inspired by Paris and one inspired by New York. My box contained the Paris Trio.

The Jazz lipstick trios each come with three mini lipsticks in sleek golden packaging.

Although the size information is available online, I clearly didn’t pay attention, making their tininess a bit of a disappointment. At 0.07oz each, these are substantially smaller than a full-sized lipstick. For comparison, a NYX lipstick is 0.15oz, more than twice the size.

That being said, these lipsticks are still adorable. Charleston is described as a cranberry lip sheer. Lady in Red is a matte crimson. Finally, Sweet Lorraine is a bubblegum pink lip sheer.

When I first opened up the lipsticks, I thought that they had accidentally sent me two of the same one, as Charleston and Lady in Red look so similar in the packaging. Needless to say, though, they do swatch very differently. Both are very pigmented, although only Lady in Red is opaque. Sweet Lorraine has the pigmentation level of a tinted balm, such as Maybelline’s Baby Lips.

They look nice when worn as well.

Julep Sweet Lorraine on Human Face


I have not tested all three, but I can definitively state that Lady in Red lasts a full four hours.

Of course, I received two nail polishes as well. Myrtle is a muted red creme that is all kinds of classic. Zora is a frosted champagne color with a hint of pink.

So, what’s the value of my box?

As always, I give three prices for my Julep value. Based on full price figures, two $14 polishes plus a $28 lipstick trio adds up to $56. (If we give perhaps a $3 value to the bobby pins, we wind up with $59.) Based on Maven prices, my box is worth $44.80 plus the bobby pins. Based on my least generous interpretation, with Julep being worth, ounce per ounce the same as OPI, each polish is a mere $4.32. For lipstick, we’ll say it is worth, ounce per ounce, the same as NYX. The total lipstick product is 0.21oz. NYX costs $6.00 for 0.15oz. At that price, the Julep lipsticks are worth $8.50. Thus, if we take the least generous interpretation, my box is worth a mere $17.14, which is less than I paid.

That being said, I am quite happy with the box. I think the nail colors I got were gorgeous, and the lipsticks were high quality and well-packaged.

If you are interested in signing up for Julep, you are more than welcome to use my referral link by clicking here. The code “FREEBOX” should get you your first box on the house.

  1. Lady in red looks super gorgeous on you!