Julep September 2016 Review

Guess what, you guys. I didn’t skip my Julep box this month! I think the option of skipping boxes is one of my favorite parts of this particular subscription service, and I use it liberally. “I HAVE TOO MUCH GREEN ALREADY, TRY AGAIN NEXT MONTH.” They send you sad emails when you skip, but I have a heart of stone.

As (almost) always, I got the “It Girl” box (the all-polish box), because their “product” for the month, a cleansing oil, was not something I would be interested in.

I think that Julep would really benefit from having choices of products month-to-month. (One box could have one product and another box could have a different product.) They seem to release two products every month, but the one that looks more appealing to me is pretty much always an add-on. I assume the reason for this is so that people will get the add-on and thus spend more money, but, at least for me, it backfires. “It Girl” (the all-polish box) becomes the only option for me most months, and if I don’t dig the “It Girl” polishes, I skip. Julep would get more money for me if they just let me get the product I actually want… (And removing the “skip” option would prompt a revolt. Or, at least, I would cancel my subscription.)

Although I never get really excited by the Julep extras, the nail polish remover pad they threw in this month was a particular bummer. I think I have like 800 of these scattered around my apartment from various mystery boxes and the like. That being said– these are damn nice nail polish removers. They are the only ones I have found that can remove a whole manicure with a single pad.
Julep has changed up their packaging and it looks really, really good. The polishes are now in a little white, embossed sleeve and they pop out like little whack-a-moles. I think that given the relative pricey-ness of their polishes, it is really smart for Julep to make their products look as fancy as possible for the sheer luxury-factor.
As always, the “It Girl” box came with three nail polishes. This month, they were really lovely autumn colors.
Catrina is a creamy marigold that is a good transition-to-fall color. It is still 95 degrees every day here, but this is sort of a “let’s remind ourselves that it will be a reasonable temperature soon” kind of color. It was opaque in two coats.
Josephine, on the other hand, is straight up autumn. The dark gray color has just a hint of blue-green. It was opaque in a single coat.
Candace is a chocolatey brown with a golden glitter. It was also opaque in one coat. Bonus info, since I started making dinner before my nails dried and I had to remove the polish and re-do two of them: for a glittery polish, it ain’t hard to remove.
Overall, I really love the colors this month and I am perfectly pleased!If you do decide to try Julep, you are always more than welcome to use my referral link by clicking here. The code “FREEBOX” will get you your first box for free (plus the cost of shipping). It’s normally $20 a month (free shipping), with the option to skip.


1. I got my Julep box this month too, and I noticed some strange blurbs on the side of the white packaging that reminded me of your earlier Beauty Bullshit post on oxygen in makeup. It says “Treat yourself to: …Oxygen technology that lets nails breathe.” It made me roll my eyes.

2. I love that your polish is all over your fingers here, just like mine is right now! I read a ton of nail polish blogs and people get really crazy about how their nails have to be a certain length and they can’t have scratches our anything on their hands and it’s always this salon-looking manicure, and that’s fine and all but it makes me want to start a blog with normal-looking manicures like a normal person does at home.

3. Ha! That’s why I have a makeup blog and not a nail polish blog. Those people are so fancy!