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image One of the complaints that many people have as they age is that veins enlarge and become unsightly. There are now treatments available at a Hermosa Beach skin clinic which can help to reduce the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins. These treatments use lasers to shrink the veins in order to make them fade back into the skin and become unnoticeable once ore.

Lasers can drastically improve the appearance of spider veins in the leg. The method by which this is accomplished is actually quite simple. The veins are bombarded with a series of light pulses emitted by a laser. The laser is designed to heat the blood inside the spider veins. This eventually causes the vein to collapse and dissolve. It is then reabsorbed back into the body.

In order to completely eliminate the appearance of spider veins in the leg, several treatments are required. This will help to ensure that the vein is completely collapsed and sealed off. It will take some time for the reabsorption to be completed, but eventually the results can be a skin surface that looks many years younger, thanks to the total absence of spider veins.

These treatments are not painful and are typically not accompanied by side effects. Laser clinics use cooling methods to make sure that the skin remains cool and pain free even while the lasers are heating up the veins under the surface of the skin. They use forced cool air and cooling gel to make sure that the skin remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the procedures.

It only takes treatments over a period of about four to six weeks to completely eliminate spider veins. Within the first few weeks a significant decrease should already be seen in the veins. Sometimes patients will develop new veins over time, but there is no reason that more treatments cannot be undergone in the future to treat the newly developed veins.

Lasers are used in a variety of cosmetic procedures these days. It is their ability to be specifically targeted to only affect certain parts of the skin which they are being aimed at that makes them so useful. For instance, in the case of the spider veins, the lasers can be targeted by using the right type of laser set to the correct wavelength to only affect the blood and the vein, and not the skin on the surface of the leg.

Sarah is a consultant for Hermosa Beach Skin Clinic and Torrance Skin Rejuvenation companies as well as local marketing service businesses.