Onion Skin Cream Satire Disturbingly Close to Reality

Sometimes (frequently), when you read the Onion, it is hilarious. Which, like, good. It should be. That’s its job. Frequently, though, it becomes difficult to pinpoint exactly which part of the article is different from the real and steadily absurd world in which we live. Such is the case with “New Skin Cream to Do Something”.
New skin cream to do something

From the article: “‘Anything that makes you upset about your skin, it’ll fix. And it fixes
it because the formula in the cream is, um, what word am I looking for?
Scientific. It’s a very scientific formula.'”

You can read the whole article here. If you choose not to, I can only assume you live a sad and humorless life.

1. Hahaha I sometimes wonder if this is the stuff that goes on at the Olay headquarters when they decide to release a new skin care product. “Let’s just say there’s extract in there. Like green tea extract. That sounds like something, doesn’t it?” Genius.

2. It’s not just them!

3. hahahah agree

4. I’m pretty sure I had a speech class with Ms. Lowell. Hahaha!

5. That’s hilarious and sad. I’m saving that one for sure