PopSugar Must Have September 2017 Review

Subscription boxes are a little bit like gambling. At $40 a month, PopSugar Must Have is slightly higher stakes gambling.

Here was the payout in September:

Tilo Modal Graduation Scarf in Raisin, retail value $125

This scarf was definitely the “feature item” of this box. There were a couple of colors that were sent out, and I had been crossing my fingers for the black and gray version. I was very sad, at first to be “stuck” with the gray and burgundy.

Once I got everything layered, though, I totally changed my mind. These colors feel very autumnal without being dreary.

The scarf is super soft and my bunnies have even enjoyed chewing it a bit, meaning that it gives joy to the whole household.

(I would never, ever pay $125 for it, though.)

Nicole Miller Round Interlock Earbud, approximate retail value $19.99

It’s hard for me to give a good review of these headphones because I don’t care for earbuds. I think I must have deformed ears because they never stay in place and the sound just doesn’t sound as realistic to me since I can tell it’s coming from inside my head. The call is coming from inside the house.

The color is super cute, however, and they work just fine.

Rifle Paper Co. Assorted Girls Card Set, retail value $18.00

When would you use cards that have supermodels on them? “Merry Christmas. Here’s a chick wearing leggings.” “My condolences. May these happy ladies walking down the street in fashionable clothing comfort you in this time of loss.”

Oribe Mini Superfine Hair Spray (purse size at 2.2 oz), retail value $21.50

This is hairspray.

It is much like other hairsprays you have tried.

Letter C Design Pencil Set, Black Pencils with Gold Foil Arrow (5 pencils), approximate retail value $4.69


I have too much conviction to use pencils. You have to commit to what you are writing.

Urban Remedy Vegan Almond Brownie (2oz), retail value $6.99

It may look pretty, but this brownie is actually pretty disgusting. It tastes kind of like a brownie that someone spilled rubbing alcohol on. It’s just really strange.

If I’m going to eat a brownie, I am going to eat one that actually tastes good.

They also sent me a “gift card” that is actually a coupon for $10 off a $50 purchase. I will never use this.

Ghirardelli Minis in Milk Chocolate Sea Salt and Almonds (4.3oz), retail value $5.95

These, on the other hand, are delicious. The downside is that I have already been buying them since they were released, so they aren’t a new product for me.

The milk chocolate caramel is definitely my favorite (I purchased those; they weren’t sent to me. They just called out to be photographed!).

I have a huge sweet tooth. Actually, if we are being honest, it’s a chocolate tooth. I have a huge chocolate tooth.

These are a great way to fulfill that craving without opening a huge ass chocolate bar. You can carry them with you in your purse and nibble when you feel so inclined.

It’s good chocolate in little, single-sized portions.

Nike Gift Card, $20 Value

Unlike the Urban Remedy gift card, the Nike gift card was actually a gift card, not a coupon. Woohoo!

They were promoting their new sports bra. At first, I wasn’t super excited because I was quite sure that Nike does not carry my bra size. But, to my surprise, they actually do. Well, close enough. I wear a 28F, which sister sizes to a 30E or a 30DDD. Nike’s Pro Rival Bra DOES come in a 30E.

I suspect that Nike dropped the ball on marketing because I pay pretty close attention to the bra fitting world and no one noted that Nike was carrying 30 bands. Usually, new bra lines are the usual “bra matrix” sizes of 32A-38DD. This isn’t much broader, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Despite a dearth of reviews and a major lack of information on the website about what to expect, I went ahead and bought it in pink. I will note a few observations just because there isn’t a lot of information out there:

There are five colors available in band sizes 30-38, cup sizes B-E.

The most notable surprise about this bra is that there is no clasp. In retrospect, you can see this in the pictures, but it still caught me totally off guard. You are supposed to pull this bra over your head. This is a terrible idea because it means you really can’t get a very tight band because you have to wiggle into it. This band wasn’t going to be tight on me anyways, but I would have been unable to wear a 28-band if it was offered because it wouldn’t have gone over my shoulders, even though I would actually prefer the band be 2-3 inches tighter than it is. It also means you can’t adjust as the band stretches out… which it will, quickly, because you are pulling the damn thing over your head to get it on!

It’s not just a molded cup; it also has a pretty significant amount of padding. I don’t personally have an opinion on that, but I know that many people will. The padding is superfluous at best.

It does not have underwire. It kinda looks like it does, but it doesn’t.

I would say it runs just a hair on the large size (order your normal cup size unless in between sizes) and that it runs large in the band, even accounting for the fact that I ordered a band size larger than I normally wear.

I think there are much better sports bras on the market. Brands like Panache and Shock Absorber carry substantially more sizes and offer better support (because they have a damn CLASP).

I want this bra to do well in the 30-band sizes so that more companies release sub-32 bands, but I doubt that it will. I strongly suspect that people who wear sub-32 bands are more likely to pay close attention to bra fit, since those bras are hard to find, meaning that they had to seek them out. The lack of clasp is such a huge blunder that it compromises the fit of the entire bra– I can’t imagine that this gains traction among people who know their shit about bra fit. I will keep it, but I don’t expect it to last long, and I will have to use it primarily for low-impact workouts (I’m normally a HIIT kind of lady). That, combined with the lack of outreach to lingerie bloggers and fit experts who would have been excited to hear about a new 30-band option, means that I don’t foresee Nike expanding their size range any further in the near future, not because there is no demand, but because the demand would come from people who demand less sucky bras.


Total Box Value: $202.12 not counting the gift card ($222.12 if you count it).

Overall, I was happy with this box, even though it contained its fair share of random junk I don’t need.

If you are interested in joining PopSugar Must Have, you can use the code “REFER5” to save $5 off your first box, or the code GWP10 to save $10 and get a free Kendra Scott Necklace.


  1. Lena

    GAH the internet ate my comment.

    I think that bra looks like something you wear as an accessory, not so much like something that would be much support. I also don’t understand why bra companies make so few bras under 30, or even 32 band, when there are plenty of women in that size range. Clothing companies make plenty for women in that size, but not bras. I suppose it goes to show how most women seem to wear too big of a band and too small in the cup.

  2. Fatimah

    hi Lena you are too right :), why clothing companies do this.

  3. Chaos into art

    I just wanted to let you know that I linked to you from my blog. 🙂

  4. thepaintedrogue

    *sigh* When will companies get that not everyone wants a padded bra? I know lots of people do. That’s why I love brands (normal or sports bras) that offer both options. I personally cannot stand the feeling of all that extra disembodied, unnecessary padding, or the idea that one should *always* want to make one’s breasts look bigger than they are. All I want is options, companies! That way everyone can get what they like.

    Side note: I can accept that sports bras benefit from having thicker cup material for extra support/strength, but there’s thicker material, and then there’s outright padding. Usually the difference is quite distinct…

  5. Shana PFR

    This post inspired me to go back into some of your older subscription box reviews I noticed that many of your older posts have dead image links! Oh no?!

  6. ame

    Omg I died laughing at the Urban Remedy Brownie description! I LOVE their almond milks, but the pricing is ridiculous. I’ve ordered from them a few times, and they have a few wins in the “snack” department, and a few duds. I will rank the brownies in that dud area, and your description made me do my most hideous cackle of a laugh. I don’t subscribe to any boxes besides Graze, and these reviews are actually why…you never know what you’ll get, and I don’t like surprises.

  7. Elizabeth

    Can anyone recommend a good beauty blog that is above and beyond, not just “look at all this stuff I have” (like most of the ones I see)? Something even remotely like this one?
    I got hooked on this and need more. The updates have become so infrequent. I totally understand that Robyn has a real life and responsibilities and, you know, other LIFE stuff, but I really miss having a substantive beauty blog to read on a regular basis.

  8. idontusetheinternet

    Oh, man. I’m in the same boat and have been ever since I found this blog. I really wish there were more candid bloggers like Robyn who are unapologetic about their (fairly thorough) opinions. The fact that she’s intelligent and hilarious are bonuses. Also, why does no one but Robyn actually show themselves wearing the makeup they receive in their subscription boxes?! @___@

    I don’t have many links to share, but I browse the following from time to time:


    ^ there is a relatively heavy focus on Korean products, so if that’s not your thing, sorry! 🙁

  9. Elizabeth

    Thank you so, so much!

  10. Sarah

    Robyn. Come back, Robyn.

    I actually just spent a great deal of hours going through your posts. Or at least as far as I could go, because at a certain point in the not-so-distant past, your photo uploading host has poofed your pictures and they’re just adorable grey exclamation points. Très chic. Yes, someone already pointed this out. Yes, my comment is pointless.

    I am in love with your snark and sass. Be mine.

  11. kitteacat


  12. excitablespeech

    er…are you still alive?

  13. Lady Hawknose

    We miss you, come back!!!

  14. Elizabeth

    This sucks for us

  15. Casey Rabe

    I’ve really missed your posts. I hope you’ve just been busy with normal life stuff like work as opposed to something terrible having happened. I hope you can update us all soon 🙁