Pulling It Off: Purple Blush

Purple is the best color that has ever been. I love oranges and reds and pinks and browns and beiges, but purple is the color that really makes my heart sing.
As a result, I’m always on the lookout for a good purple blush. It may sound intimidating, but all it takes to pull off a purple blush is a little confidence and a touch of daring.
In the past month, I have tried three very different purple blushes:
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Creme Colour Concentrate in Miriam, $20 for 0.28oz, or $71.43 per ounce. (As a note, the size on the Sephora website is incorrect. The product is actually 8g, not 0.08oz as they state.)
Makeup Forever Powder Blush in Lavender 9, $20 for 0.08oz, or $250 per ounce.
Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color in Mystic Rose, $36 for 0.21oz, or $171.43 per ounce.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Creme Colour Concentrate in Miriam

OCC Miriam packaging

This cream product is sort of a dusty, vintage plum color, or a French lilac. It doesn’t come with a way to get the product out of the tub, so keep in mind that you will likely want to get a little spatula or something to avoid sticking your fingers into the goop. (Since I am not very classy, I have been using the lash cards I got from Ipsy.)

OCC Miriam Swatch

Although this product looks bold in its packaging, I found it to be a little bit more subtle than what I was looking for. Blended out, it definitely took on a very pink hue.

The creamy consistency, however, was stellar, and it lasted extremely well, and left my skin looking dewy and pretty.

OCC Miriam on Human Face

Who would love this: This is the perfect product for people who aren’t sure whether they want to commit to a bright purple blush. It is clearly an unconventional color, but, at first glance, it can pass as a traditional shade of blush. This is also great for people who love double duty products, since this can work as an eyeshadow, a lip color, or a blush.

Makeup Forever Powder Blush in Lavender 9

Makeup Forever Packaging

Whoever named this color did not go to the correct kindergarten class, since this clearly is not lavender. This is more of a bright violet or an orchid. (Come on, even just saying “purple” is much more accurate than calling this lavender!) It has a lovely matte finish.

The packaging on this product is very small, making it very pricy per ounce. If purple blush is going to become very regular for you, this will be an expensive habit to keep. However, for an occasional treat, this will do the trick.

Makeup Forever Swatch

The product swatches beautifully. It isn’t super pigmented, but that would be a big disadvantage for this color of product. On my face, it is subtle but still unique and eye-catching. It is also very clearly purple.

Makeup Forever on Human Face

Who would love this: Anyone looking for a purple blush should check this sucker out. This is a true purple that is light enough to work for someone with fair skin, but build-able enough to work for medium or dark-skinned women.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color in Mystic Rose

Anna Sui Packaging

This is a very soft, shimmery light purple, that comes out almost as a thistle color. And, like all Anna Sui products, the packaging is absolutely exquisite. (I have the Anna Sui hairbrush and it makes me feel fancy every single day!)

Anna Sui Swatch (It’s really there! I swear to god!)

I had a difficult time swatching this because the color is so light. It was barely visible on camera. Because it is so subtle, it definitely feels more like a highlight than a blush. I was worried it wouldn’t show up on my face, but it turns out my fears were unjustified. This product adds just a hint of shimmery purple. The effect is spectacular. I look like a fucking woodland nymph. The fact that it smells like a fresh bouquet of roses doesn’t hurt, either.

Anna Sui on Human Face

Who would love this: Someone who loves the intangible “otherness” of a purple blush should look into this product. It is very subtle, but it creates an unmistakable ethereal look that I have never seen in a makeup product before. In addition, Anna Sui’s stellar packaging and beautiful rose scents makes this ideal for someone who loves luxurious makeup.


  1. Polina

    OMG I neeeed that Anna Sui blush PRONTO! Officially added to my wishlist, thank you! It’s gorgeous

  2. hellocampcomfort.com

    It’s one of my favorite products right now!

  3. Amy

    Hahaha, “fucking woodland nymph”, I love it 🙂 I’ve been wanting a lilac/lavender blush for awhile now, but haven’t actually bothered trying to make it happen. I think the MUFE might be just the ticket! Though the Anna Sui is just ethereally beautiful…

  4. mandy

    Possible stupid question: Where do you get that Anna Sui blush? e-bay? I’m not having much luck finding it and I would love to try it out!

  5. hellocampcomfort.com

    I got it on Beautylish.com.

  6. mandy

    Thank you!

  7. Ashley

    Hello! I just discovered your blog about a month ago! Do you remember what lip color you’re wearing in the bottom pic with the Anna Sui blush? I love it!

  8. hellocampcomfort.com

    Covergirl Lip Perfection in Divine!

  9. Moi

    I am officially dying over your “fucking woodland nymph” look… it’s gorgeous! I wonder how you think the Anna Sui blush would fare on darker skin, though… I’m more of a medium tan sort of shade (should probably figure out one of those fancy letters-and-numbers skintone codes, but I’m still new to most of this shit), and I wonder if it would be too light on me.