Review: 29 Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick in Ripe Rosé

29 Cosmetics is a wine-themed cosmetics company. Named for Highway 29, which runs through Napa Valley, they incorporate the concepts into each of their product names. As some of y’all know, I do work at a winery, so their naming system does slightly appeal to my inner wine snob. They’re definitely not alone in this naming trend (for example, Bite Beauty has more than a few wine-related shade names), but they’re more consistent with it. Every one of their Reserves Lipsticks has an homage to Napa in the name. Plus, you know. The lipstick is called “Reserve”.

However, I won’t be really impressed with this wine-naming trend until we start getting more technical. I want a lipsticks named “volatile acidity” and “terroir” and a bronzer called “toast level” (you could adjust the color of the bronzer based on skin tone, with shades in M, M+, and M++). A want a matte eyeshadow palette called “dry”, a satin palette called “off-dry” and a shimmer palette called “sweet”. Basically, I want some damn commitment to the theme. In comparison, a lipstick called “Take a Sip” seems painfully boring.

29 Cosmetics also puts grape seed extract in their products as a anti-aging ingredient. Interestingly, there is a little bit of science suggesting that that isn’t total bullcrap. Most of the research has not been topical, but some has. It is, for example, anti-inflammatory in rabbits. In human volunteers, topical grape seed extract increased their sun protection factor (SPF) by 9%. I wouldn’t expect miracles from it, but there is a bit of evidence
suggesting it might not be a terrible thing to have on your vanity. I do not know whether the dosage in these products is sufficient for it to matter, though.

If the grape seed extract they are using is actually sourced from Napa (I assume it is not because otherwise they would be bragging about it!), that would explain why these lipsticks cost twenty five fucking dollars a pop.
I should note that I didn’t go out and buy this lipstick. This was the replacement lipstick that Wantable sent me in penance for mailing me those nail polishes I didn’t ask for. (You can read my September Wantable review here, if you like.) The color I got is called Ripe Rosé.
The packing on this product is really simple and classic. It definitely looks really mature, which, for me, isn’t particularly good or bad. I think their target customer is a bit older and fancier than I am, though, so I think it’s probably right on the money for that group.

The color is what really makes this lipstick stand out. It’s completely gorgeous. If this were an eyeshadow, I would definitely call this a duochrome, but it feels kind of weird to refer to duochrome lipsticks! It’s a lovely rose with a light gold shift. (The swatch below shows what’s going on pretty well, I think.) I love this. I love it. It’s the perfect mix of really wearable and really dramatic.
You know how some things are labeled “duochrome” and you kind of look at it suspiciously and think, “is this really a duochrome”? (I’m looking at you, every single duochrome blush that I’ve ever tried.) This is not one of those things. The shift on this is quite bold. If anything, the picture is understating it. This is awesome because it makes the shade really unique. It’s also really versatile, since the base is such a conservative color. You could wear this to an office, to a concert, or anywhere in between.

It didn’t do badly on my “four hours and a meal” test, either. The pink stayed perfectly. Unfortunately, the gold faded a bit, but there was still a notable duochrome element, even four hours later.

These lipsticks retail for $25 for 0.16oz ($156.25 per ounce). That’s actually not too bad when you price it out by the ounce, since these lipsticks are on the larger side. Ounce per ounce, it’s almost exactly the same price as a MAC lipstick, which is $15 for 0.1oz ($150 per ounce). I think that if you can get over the hump of “Oh my god, I’m about to spend $25 on a lipstick by some random-ass brand that I’ve never heard of” and if you dig the awesome duochrome effect, I would definitely recommend purchasing this.


1. I just want you to know that it’s almost 3am my time and I can’t sleep even though I am super tired, and I read “duochrome” as “douche rome” and thought “wtf?! What does that mean? “.

2. Clearly something way less positive than “duochrome”.

3. In your last paragraph, I think you maybe mean “NOT too bad.”

4. Yup! Fixed!

5. Out of curiosity, and because I’m avoiding doing some other things I should be doing, I ran a search on 29 Cosmetics, and found that it is owned/formulated by Mondavi Winery, in Napa. They even have a cutesy little video about how the cosmetics line came into fruition.
I do like the lipstick, though.

5. wow you look so pretty in the last two pictures! the lipstick sounds interesting but i think i prefer one solid colour in my lip products!

6. Hi, I’d like to feature your blog in a roundup of great makeup bloggers for Would it be possible to use one of your photos in the post when we link readers over to you? I can be reached at maria.anne.m at gmail. Thanks so much!

7. You are more than welcome to use them!

8. Thanks! I haven’t commented before because I’m always reading on my phone but your blog is the first thing I read in the morning and it’s my favorite beauty blog ever. I get the bloglovin updates in my email.

9. I had a lipstick with golden overlay once…then I left it at school and it was either thrown away or stolen. I also lost my iPod but to this day I’m still more upset about the irreplaceable (limited edition) lipstick.

I’d love to know what blushes you tried that were supposed to be duochromes! The only ones I know of are by My Pretty Zombie but I’ve never tried them.

10. Question, is there any smell or taste to it? Thanks!