Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown

Those of you who lurk here frequently probably know that I don’t have a lot of eyebrow hair. I have the kind of brows that make brow-grooming ladies say, “Well, I don’t know what to do about all these weird bald spots…”

Luckily, I know what to do about my weird bald spots; the secret is drawing on my face.

When the difference between looking like a normal being and having Vulcan eyebrows is a few short strokes of pigment, you learn to be pretty picky about brow products. Typically, I find that brow pencils give too much definition, like you used a Sharpie on your forehead.

Happily, Brow Wiz marches to the beat of its own drummer.

There are nine shades of Brow Wiz, which should cover a pretty significant chunk of eyebrow-havers, from blonde to raven-haired. I picked out Medium Brown (formerly known as Medium Ash).

The packaging is a bit Spartan (no embossed roses or pretty squiggles for decoration), but it’s highly functional. On one end is a twist up pencil. The fine tip allows for careful precision.

On the other side is a rather generic spoolie. Personally, I don’t use the spoolie, which is why this picture does not show it covered in gunk.

The color is neutral-toned. It’s pigment-sparse, but it doesn’t require a lot of finagling to get a nice line, which is perfect for natural-looking eyebrows.

Here are my unaltered brows in all their glory:

And here’s how they look with Brow Wiz:

Naked brows:

Brow Wiz:

The effect, in my opinion, is quite nice. My brows look polished, but not so trendy that they look like they were CGIed. Natural, but with everything hanging out where it should be.

I cannot do a super bold brow with this product, so I don’t pair it with dramatic smokey eyes, for example, lest my brows appear to fade away. For a daily look, though, this is perfect.

There is a painful problem, though: the price. Brow Wiz costs $21 for 0.003oz, or, uh… $7000 per ounce. It’s not a good sign for cost-per-ounce when the weight of your cosmetic product would be more effectively stated in scientific notation (3 X 10-3).

Fortunately for Anastasia, this product is easy to use and super flattering, meaning it’s part of my go-to “crap, I’m late for work!” routine. As much as the price makes me cringe, I will almost certainly re-purchase it… with my perfectly-shaped brows furrowed in grumpiness.


  1. Jen Lynch

    That spoolie may look basic, but it is pure magic! I have no less than 1 million brow pencils and spoolies in my collection (ok, maybe not that many, but a lot!) and that little one on the end of the brow wiz works better than everything else I have ever used!

  2. thepaintedrogue

    ROFL! $7000 per ounce! 😀

    This is why I don’t convert my NZ-priced cosmetics to price per ounce, because I would die. Laughing, presumably.

    The effect is lovely though – it’s exactly how I try to do my brows, which are in a similar boat to yours. I don’t have access to Anastasia products, so I finagle things with some matte brown eyeshadows that I have, but this pencil does look like it would be easier than those…

  3. Christine

    I love the Brow Wiz and the natural look it gives. I personally love the spoolie, which is small enough for precise brushing. The price IS an issue (hah, $7,000 an ounce!!), but a Sephora SA that I trust told me that the eyebrow pencil from their own brand is a pretty good dupe, for much cheaper. It’s probably worth looking into!

  4. femputer

    have you tried the jordana fabubrow pencil? the taupe color might suit you. you have to sharpen it, but it’s my favorite brow pencil in the world and it doesn’t make my wallet cry.

  5. Amie Whitlock

    Wow… That is expensive. lol. Fortunately, my Ulta Milk Chocolate eyeshadow seems to be doing the trick for me at the moment (highly recommended). Thanks for the info, as usual!

  6. Ali

    That is crazy expensive but when I saw your pictures I was… I WANT THAT, for my one sad eyebrow that isnt as full looking as the other. Thank you for the review and the price reality check!

  7. Erin G.

    I’ve got the pencil in Taupe. I’m not a pencil person. No matter how much I try, it aaaall looks like drawn on hairs. Your brows are lovely, Be happy that you’ve got a good crop to work with. I, on the other hand, deal with basically non-existent brows after the arch. I do better with powders or brush on types. I’d like to try the Anastasia powder line. I also have the Dip Brow and end up having “scouse brows,” as Wayne Goss calls them.

  8. linluna

    I like Brow Pow from The Balm. The Balm is frequently on hautelook & easy on the wallet…

  9. Cel

    I didn’t believe the hype until I got to try it in a Sephora and it really is amazing, sometimes it’s great that it isn’t available locally so I can’t spend my money hahahah. How long does it last you?

  10. Robin

    I hope everything is okay and you’re off having fun instead of blogging!

  11. Melissa Van Roosbroeck

    I usually stay away from eyebrow pencils and resort to eyebrow powder + gel, but this does sound really reaaaally good!