The entire BareMinerals True Romanic collection has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes you want to put flowers in your hair and ride naked on a horse (just kidding. That last idea is terrible. How about eating gelato while laying in bed instead?). In particular, the rose gold packaging has something really lovely about it.

Swoon is the collection’s loose blush. It’s a warm, medium coral-pink that applies more-or-less matte.

Like all BareMinerals loose blushes, this has a fancy little twisty-sifter that you can, in theory, use to prevent yourself from pouring pink powder all over your lap.

The texture of this blush is very soft and silky, and the slight clumps that are visible in the jar are imperceptible once the product hits your brush. It blends on your skin perfectly.

The ultimate effect is a super youthful flush.

BareMinerals Swoon on Human Face

Although I like the blush overall, I do think that there is one noteworthy problem.

I think that, in general, loose powders tend to look like they contain a lot more product than pressed powders. Consequentially, I do think that it’s common for brands to just make smaller products. The purchaser just gets less. (I think that this also plays into consumer perceptions as well; I often hear in indie makeup communities that indie eyeshadows are supposedly much cheaper than other shadows, when they tend to price out very similarly, ounce per ounce.) BareMinerals definitely plays into this by making their powder products itty bitty. In addition, the packaging tends to be unnecessarily bulky.

Consequentially, this blush is astronomically expensive when it it priced out by the ounce. At $19 for 0.03 ounces, this is almost comically pricey at $633.33 per ounce. This product may be lovely, but I’m having a hard time justifying why it’s so much more lovely than the gadgillion other blushes that I have for way more reasonable prices.

Source: HelloCampComfort


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