Review: Benefit Fake Up

I have bad luck with concealers. By the end of the day, my undereyes usually have so many creases it looks like my tearducts are leaking concealer. My usual solution is let the undereye circles stand. And, when I get sufficient amounts of sleep, this is usually sufficient. I am lucky to have relatively minor dark circles.

But DAMN sometimes I just want something that works.


When Benefit cosmetics came out with their newest product, Fake Up, they promised that it would be a “crease-control concealer”.

‘Eh,’ I figured. ‘I’ll give it a try’.

The formula is in a lipstick-like container, which is a bit more elegant than a traditional tub of gunk. It’s also more portable. I don’t use a brush to apply this concealer, so you can just throw it in your bag, which is really convenient.

If you look at the product head-on, you can see that it consists of an inner section, which provides the color, and an outer ring, which provides moisturizing benefits.

Like most Benefit foundation-products, Fake Up comes in three colors: Light, Medium and Dark. This will probably work for a large chunk of people, but anyone with very dark skin should try to swatch in person, since the “Dark” shade is not particularly dark.

I bought “Light”, which was a great color for me.

Swatch of Benefit Fake Up in Light

To test it out, of course, I needed to apply it to my face.

Before Benefit Fake Up

To use this product, I just swiped it under my eyes and used my fingers to blend it in. I noticed a really significant difference in how my eyes looked.

After Benefit Fake Up

If you can’t see the change above, this closer view photo shows my eyes before and after:

Before and After Side by Side

Even better, I didn’t find any creases, even after many hours of wear. Because I have never had any dryness below my eyes, it hadn’t occurred to me that a more moisturizing formula might help prevent these problems… but it seems to be very handy for that purpose!

This product is on the pricey side, however. At $24 for 0.12oz, it comes in at a whopping $200 per ounce. For comparison, theBalm’s Time Bomb is only $18 for 0.25oz, making it $72 per ounce. (If you can’t justify the price but you still end up with undereye concealer creases, I recommend running a Q-tip across the creases as they show up. This will remove the excess product. This method works especially well for people who tend to see creases before they even finish their makeup. If you get creases throughout the day, this would take substantially more vigilance.)

Overall, I would recommend “Benefit’s Fake Up” to:

  1. People who have problems with their concealers creasing, especially if those creases happen generally throughout the day.
  2. People who are within the relatively narrow skin tone range that Benefit tends to cater to.
  3.  People who have mild to moderate dark circles.


  1. Merc

    I’ve been eye-ing this (pun intended) since I heard of the pre-release. I think I’ve given up on my MUFE concealer, and I usually just use concealers under my eye area. I’ve been loving the Physician’s Formula Super BB concealer, but creasing is a big thing for me. Thank for the review.


    The MUFE concealer is super pricey too, isn’t it?

  3. Temerity Jane

    This is exactly the review I’ve been waiting for, all the others I’d seen til now have been from people who attended a release party for the product, so… you know. Woo! Fake up! Woo! Best ever! Woo! What is it again? Woo! I’ve been circling Fake Up at the brow bar for a while. I’ve got an appointment for a free brow wax w/ $50 Benefit purchase next week, so I think you’ve convinced me to pick it up. Thanks!


    I hope it works well for you!

  5. whateveramber

    Thanks for this review. This product just came to my attention when I got my March Birchbox. I’ve been looking for a good concealer since 13 years of motherhood combined with six or fewer hours of sleep per night have taken their toll on my under eye area. Do you think this would be a good all-around concealer or better just for the under eye area?


    This will only work for the under eye area.

  7. whateveramber

    Ok, thanks!

  8. Abby

    I am officially in love with your blog! I came for the eyeshadow primer comparison, but you’ve won me over with this review- Fake up was another product I was considering, and I actually trust your rave to be honest after spending the last hour or so reading post after post on your blog! haha! I really like that you review high-end brands, and I think you may be one of my new favorite beauty bloggers

  9. Texas_attitude

    So…I’m getting married next month, and since I’d like some makeup that actually stays on my face and looks nice, I picked up a bunch of stuff that you’ve posted on your page (you have the most legit reviews EVER!). One product I walked out with yesterday was the Benefit concealer, and I have to say, I was a little disappointed….even though it’s probably my own fault for not reading the instructions before I put it on, but still. I digress! I’ll just do a list of pros and cons:
    Pros are that you are right. It is SUPER blend-able, and I don’t have any trouble with it caking like other concealers do.I also don’t see noticeable lines under my eyes, too!
    The con? On a minor note, it was a little more yellow than my light foundation is, which made my face look a little mismatched. More important was the discovery that it’s not really a “concealer” in the traditional sense. It acts rather like a product that goes OVER the concealer that you’ve already put on. I layered some concealer and powder over it to get some reasonable coverage, which surprised me, because I don’t have zombie craters under my eyes like some people do. After reading the instructions, I found out it actually says that you are supposed to use it on top of your regular concealer, and not by itself. I guess as long as you don’t expect it to be a stand-on-its-own concealer, you’re good.
    Do you use it with another concealer like the box says, or am I just a total makeup noob?