Review: Bite Beauty Best Bite Set/High Pigment Lip Pencils

Value sets, cute packaging, and lip pencils are a few of my favorite things. Way fucking better than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. (Note: I will accept brown paper packages tied up with strings… if they are from Sephora.)

The Bite Beauty Best Bite Set is the perfect way to fulfill those desires.

This set contains four miniature High Pigment Lip Pencils in Madeira, Quince, Rhubarb, and Cranberry, encased in a mirrored tin with impressive adorability. (Look! There’s fruit on it! I like fruit!)

The pencils twist up, which is a nice feature for those of us who are lazy busy.

I am a real person, so my lip pencils and nails are messy. My eyebrows are pretty good, though, so I’ve got that going for me.

The finish is moderately glossy, but they’re all fully opaque. They’re super smooth and lovely to apply.

Bite Beauty Best Bite Set Swatches

Here’s how they look on my face:
Madeira is as nude as fuck. It’s definitely darker than my skin, but there will be many (many, many) people for whom this will not be the case. The color is moderately warm, with a tiny bit of an orangey tone.

Bite Beauty Madeira on Human Face

Quince is my favorite of the lot. Sephora describes this as a “rose berry”. I definitely think it’s brighter than that, though. It’s more of a mid-tone fuchsia.

The name originally received an eyebrow raise from me since, uh, that’s not what color a quince is, but it turns out that Chaenomeles, which are related to the quince, have brightly colored flowers that could conceivably be seen as similar to this lip pencil if you did some photoshopping and squinted a little.

Bite Beauty Quince on Human Face

Rhubarb is a rosey mauve shade that is actually strikingly similar to the color of rhubarb that’s cooking on the stove. Since rhubarb is by far my favorite stalk (team pie!), this pleases me.

Bite Beauty Rhubarb on Human Face

Cranberry is another gorgeous color. It’s a red that just screams for a sexy Santa Clause costume. If you hate this lipcolor, I can only assume that you also hate Christmas.

Bite Beauty Cranberry on Human Face

I also did a “four hours and a meal” test on Quince.

Quince, when applied.
Quince, four hours and a meal later, in the shitty lighting of my parked car.

The color stayed pretty nicely through the four hours, but the glossiness definitely had disappeared. Quince, Cranberry, and Rhubarb all leave a distinct stain that will keep color on your lips substantially after the gloss goes away.

The Bite Beauty Best Bite Set retails for $25 for four 0.05oz pencils ($125 per ounce). The full-size pencils retail for $24 for 0.09oz ($266.67 per ounce). This means that each of the minis is worth approximately $13.33. That means that you are coming out ahead even if you only like two of the four colors in the set. Personally, I know that I will use every color except Madeira, so I’m really happy with my purchase.

1. Those all look lovely except the nude one. I think it would just make my lips disappear…

2. Nude lips are definitely… they’re definitely a unique look, haha.

3. I’m not really a huge fan of nude lipsticks but that one looks gorgeous on you!

4. Thank you! I’ve never really been one for nude lips either.

5. I have this set and adore it. I can’t wear the nude either, but all the others are wonderful. I put the Cranberry on my lips at noon today, and one liter of water, one latte, one symphonic choral performance, one third of a fried chicken, and a three-hour rehearsal later, it was still going strong when I took it off at 10:45 PM. That’s some solid performance out of a lipstick.

6. They have pretty nice lasting power!

7. I like Madiera on you – actually, the whole set looks nice on you.

8. Thank you!

9. I recently bought this too and I was super impressed! I love all of the colors, and even though I’m not huge on nude lips I really liked Madeira. All of the colors look great on you!

10. Thanks!

11. What is on your eyeballs!? Your eyeshadow is gorgeous in these photos.

12. It’s Kat Von D’s Poetica.



15. I’ve got my eyes on “Corvina”, which unfortunately doesn’t come in a mini but it’s such a pretty color that I feel justified spending almost $30 (Canadian) on a lip pencil!

16. I know you say you won’t wear Madeira but that color looks stunning on you. The way that color looks on you makes me want this set!

17. You can use Madeira to highlight the center of your lips, that’s what I use it for!

18. Has anyone ever told you , that you look exactly like the Shaytards mom?? omg

19. I TOTALLY bought these because of you..You should be getting a royalty or something! Commission?

20. I got one of those $15 off $50 cards from Sephora and used it to add this on to my foundation purchase for basically $10. It worked out way better than my foundation too, because their fucking Pantone color match thing recommended a shade that is distinctly yellow on me and darker than my skin.

Sadly, I dropped the Madeira one in the car somewhere. I have to find it! It is the perfect blush color on me!

21. Your blog is funny and awesome! Thank you for actually wearing the lip pencils and taking pictures so that we can have a true idea of what it looks like. Lipstick swatches on the hand just aren’t the same. I really want to get ‘Corvina’ now that I’ve seen some of their other stuff.