Review: Bourjois Faux and Fabulous Lady in Black False Lashes

The first time I tried to use false eyelashes on my own*, it was not a success. I used globs of glue. I forgot to wait for it to get tacky. I glued my eyes together and ripped out several eyelashes trying to pry my lids apart.
The second time I tried to use false eyelashes on my own, I used half lashes. Half lashes are near-foolproof.
Fancy half eyelashes, like the Bourjois Faux and Fabulous Lady in Black Falsies, are near-foolproof and also fancy.The Lady in Black falsies have three distinct ‘juts’ of lash, with four studs on each eye. These rest upon a thick, rectangular band at the base of the lashes.
They also come with a lash adhesive, which I skipped because the lashes are too pretty to waste on lash adhesive that I’m not familiar with.
I was really surprised (and a bit disappointed) by how utterly wearable these falsies are. Although the jewels are visible, they’re not visible when the eye is open. The unique shape blends into my real lashes. It doesn’t look natural, per se, but it doesn’t have the highly stylized look that I was hoping for. Even the thick black band was easily camouflaged by my makeup (and I didn’t even wear eyeliner!).Excessive wearability issues aside, these are some of my favorite false eyelashes right now. I especially like them for a casual office environment. It feels like you are sneaking in glam jewels on your face under everyone’s noses.The Bourjois Faux and Fabulous Lady in Black Falsies retail for $14.50 USD. This is actually pretty darn pricey for drugstore falsies. MAC Falsies are $16, a mere $1.50 more than the Bourjois set. However, since I am unaware of a similar set of lashes that are available for a cheaper price, I would argue that this is worth the price for anyone enamored by their pulchritudinousness.


1. The first time I tried to apply falsies on my own… I thought you put the glue on your eyelid (I was young, okay?!?!). That got awful pretty fast.

2. Oh no! I hope you still had a few eyelashes left…

3. Oh my god, what is that silver eye shadow gorgeousness you’re wearing in the photos?! Is it one of the Stila foil finish eye shadows? If so then you’ve just sold me on the price!

4. It is. 😉

5. Lord, first time with falsies… Good thing I didn’t let a catastrophe deter me 😀 .

6. Practice makes perfect!

7. Those do look surprisingly natural. I think that’s a little bit disappointing. They do still look good though! I actually just decided it’s time to get better at false lashes because terrible things happen whenever I try to apply them. I ordered a few super cheap large packs of eyelashes from amazon and when they get here it will be practice practice practice.

8. The halfsies ones are a good place to start!

9. Great look, but please start telling us what lipstick/eye products you are using in your looks too! Even though it’s not related to the falsies, it’d be nice to know =)

10. But… so much remembering…

11., the sparkly color on the innermost area of your eye, go! (Or, in a phrase that’s constructed in a way that doesn’t betray the five hours of French studying I just did, “Could you please tell me which product you used on the aforementioned area?”)

12. I am 80% sure I used Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Too Cool.