Review: Bourjois Health Balance Unifying Powder in Vanilla

Not going to lie, this was an impulse buy. I hadn’t looked at reviews. I didn’t know anything about it. What’s more, up until now, my only experience with powder foundations was Bare Minerals, which I think was absolute disaster. As many of you already know, I am prone to inch-thick foundation as I battle with my worse-than-imperfect skin. With Bare Minerals, I ended up with an awkward cakey finish that still had essentially no coverage. I got this and scolded myself. “What the hell was I thinking?!”

Apparently, I was thinking smart things, because I truly think that this is a spectacular product and I am really happy that I purchased it.
First of all, the color is perfect for my fair skin. The powder is so finely milled that powdered sugar would feel like sand comparatively. Applying it is like rubbing velvet on your face. Bare Minerals never stood a chance in this comparison.

It’s also super nice in this heat to have a powder option during the summer. It’s currently 86 degrees here. I just went to gaze at my reflection lovingly in the mirror, only to find that my greaseball face is hardly embarrassing at all.
This certainly doesn’t give me the coverage that I need on its own, but its ability to even out skin tone makes it the perfect pairing for a full coverage concealer. I tried the unifying powder first without anything underneath and all my not-as-bad skin sections looked fabulous, but the rest looked like crap. (And even then my skin got more even, it was just even skin marred by acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and zits.) However, layered over strategic concealer, it creates a truly lovely canvas.
You can definitely tell that my skin isn’t flawless. There’s clearly some shit going on under there. Still, the finish is so natural that it looks like I have decent skin and am wearing only light makeup.

Admire my pores and peach fuzz.

Ounce per ounce, this Bourjois compact is similar in price to Bare Minerals. The Bourjois Unifying Powder retails for $14.95 on Asos. This gets you 0.32oz of product, making this powder $46.84 per ounce. A Bare Minerals READY Solid Foundations retails for $29.00 for 0.49oz, coming in at $59.18 per ounce.

This is my first product by Bourjois but it definitely won’t be my last.

  1. If you can get your hands on a Healthy Mix Serum, I’d love a review! That foundation gets rave reviews from the UK bloggers I follow.

2. It’s on Asos and thus is perfectly do-able! We’ll see…

3. Ooh I just bought this very compact as a finishing powder… will defo try it as a summer sweaty option now, as I hadn’t thought of that before! By the way, if you’re going to do Healthy Mix “serum”, you could also do the very very similar Healthy Mix “radiance reveal” plain old foundation since nobody seems to be comparing them head to head in reality, which is just weird, I think. The marketing is very cryptic. Also just fyi, following your full coverage foundation search and Lisa Eldridge’s video about covering crappy skin, I finally indulged in some foundation of my own (after like 15 years of needing it… blurgh) and it happens to be Bourjois + the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer (also good). Who knew? Oh wait, you did. Duh. Thanks for cluing me in!

4. Ooh! This looks like a great alternative to liquid foundation for the summer. I was just looking into getting a powdered foundation since I feel like my face is melting wearing my Skin 79 BB Cream now and the hot weather has barely started here in KC. I can’t even imagine wearing it when it gets to 100+ degrees.

The one time I tried Bare Minerals, I found that it had zero coverage on me and the color was so yellow that I looked jaundiced. That turned me off for good.

5. where can you get this stateside?

6. is where I got it.