Review: Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Dolly

Housekeeping: I was googling myself… as you do… and I found a bunch of comments about my blog that said things like, “I like her writing, but her blog is so ugly.” The latter comment was indisputably true. I am not a talented blog designer, but I think the changes that I made makes the blog look 80% less like a poster that I would have made in 7th grade. The lightbulb on the right was inspired by what Shel Silverstein might have drawn me if he broke his hand. Now is the time to make complaints because inertia hasn’t set in just yet.

My body is super adjustable. If I smell something bad, I only need to soldier on through maybe two minutes before my body goes, “Eh, this isn’t very important” and I can’t smell it anymore. I can go from being a morning person to a night person or vice versa with nothing more than a schedule change. When I reduced my hair washing to a weekly occurrence, it took almost no time at all for my scalp to go from “greasy motherfucker” to “Disney princess”. I’m like the textbook example of homeostasis.

It’s probably not surprising, then, that my lips got used to the Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in the span of a couple of days. This is likely not a tragedy. Although lip plumpers work in a couple of different ways, it looks like this Buxom Lip Polish is working simply by causing irritation from exposure to
Menthone Glycerin Acetal, a menthol derivative that gives you that tingly, minty sensation that lip plumpers often give. It’s not necessarily the best idea to exposure yourself to consistent irritants, although occasional use is certainly inconsequential.

Dolly is a soft mauve with some subtle shimmer.
On my lips, though, I find that the color doesn’t stand out as well as I might like. Although the lipgloss isn’t sticky at all, it’s pretty thick, so it’s not practical to put on layer after layer in the hopes of building up some real color. As a result, I tend to wear it on lazy makeup days when I’m going for a natural look.

Buxom Lip Polish in Dolly on Human Face

This gloss smells like burned sugar. It smells like the scent
that would accompany this statement: “Oh, yeah, I’m just making some peanut brittl– OH FUCK FUCK FUCK IS THAT STILL IN THE OVEN?! SHIT!!”

The full-sized Buxom lip polishes retail for $19 for 0.15 fluid oz ($126.67 per ounce). This is just a hair on the pricey side for a mid-range lip gloss. For comparison, LORAC’s Lips With Benefits is $18 for 0.17 fluid oz, or $105.88 per ounce.


1. The blog looks great!

2. Good to hear!

3. Yeah, it looks good 🙂
I have a few Buxom lip glosses and I like them because even when I’m completely barefaced, just a swipe of gloss takes me from “seriously ill old woman” to “lazy and tired but not THAT ugly student”. Plus I like the cool, tingly feeling.

4. They’re good for casual looks, for sure.

5. I like this type of layout that you have. It’s simple, clean, and easy to navigate. I don’t think you NEED lots of fancy widgets and scripts to have a pretty blog, but it’s certainly good to add them if you like them.

Oh, and if I leave it open in a tab for a few hours it doesn’t make firefox freak out and crash itself. That’s always a plus!

I got a buxom gloss from Ipsy or something quite a while ago. While it was full sized, I used it up in about two weeks. That’s the fastest I’ve managed to use any gloss, ever. I can’t figure out if this means I liked it or if it just means I was applying way too much of it.

6. If you like how it looked and felt, you weren’t applying too much!

7. I agree!

Could I request that there be some sort of visual separation between the text area and the white background? Perhaps you could make the background a light color (like light green or light gray) and keep the post background white. It seems slightly distracting to me to have everything white because it creates the illusion that everything on the page is blending together.

I think the lightbulb is really cute. I like how it looks like a doodle!

8.  Interesting, haha. That’s how I originally had it and I didn’t like it. Maybe I’ll play with it a bit more.

9. I love the new layout! I agree with Florence L that some contrast between the test boxes and the background would be nice. The lightbulb is super cute though. 🙂

10. Haha glad to know my bad art is appealing.

11. I like the layout – it’s nice and simple. And I like buxom glosses! I have dolly already (will be getting another in my ipsy bag).

12. Me too, as it turns out!

13. Great layout – I love the lightbulb!

I also really enjoy your blog; it’s rare to find someone writing so critically and intelligently about products!

14. Thank you!

15. I like your new layout! It looks much better than before. My only critique would be to get rid of the Blogger navbar (if you want to). To do that, go under “Layout”, click edit under “Navbar” (which is probably in the upper right-hand corner) and select “off” from the list.

16. Can do…

17.  Can you debunk the beauty claims on the David Suzuki website? He is a popular Canadian activist.

18. Oh gosh. So many eye-rolls!


This video de-bunks a lot of David Suzuki’s claims although it’s not a critique of those sites in particular, it mentions many of the same things and the original video it’s critiquing uses some of the same studies as David Suzuki.

Ugh, I hear the David Suzuki ads on the radio NON STOP and it drives me crazy. Yes, somethings he IS right about but sometimes he’s just preaching.

(Sorry! I know I already have posted this on your blog!)

20. I like the layout, very clean. I just started my own blog and the layout is driving me nuts due to my lack of computer skills…. Anyways, not a huge fan of this gloss. I won’t be buying it. It is definitely not pigmented enough for me.

21. That’s fair! I wish it had a bit more color as well.

22. Ipsy is sending this out as one of their things this month. Are you about to be in the situation where you get it in the bag while already having it?

23. I will, yeah.

24. I scrolled down to the most recent review of a lip thing just to tell you that if you’ve considered picking up the Give Me More Lip set from Sephora that you totally should and then review it extensively but now I can’t figure out how to gush about it without sounding like a paid shill.

25. I actually really like this product for like school/casual days.. but I cannot for the life of me find where I can get more than the 4ish shades in the mini sizes! Any idea where I could get more of the colours in the small size?