Review: Clinique High Impact Mascara

You may have noticed that I don’t have a lot of mascara reviews on this blog. (Indeed, I have all of zero traditional reviews dedicated to mascara.) The reasons for this started out as noble. I had this beautiful fantasy where I would create an encyclopedic guide to mascaras based on before and after pictures. Unfortunately (fortunately?) there are so many mascaras in the world. So. Many. And I acquire mascara samples like a preschool teacher acquires mild colds. As my list of mascaras to include built and built and built, it became abundantly clear that I just needed to break down and tell you about some of the mascaras that I like. So, I started with my all-time favorite mascara: Clinique High Impact.

The name “high impact” might be a bit of a misnomer for this mascara. Certainly, if I was purchasing this mascara with the hopes of wearing it to a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, I would have been sorely disappointed. (Beyond the mascara, that would have been a bad idea anyways, as falsies are legally mandated for all Rocky Horror attendees.) So, it may help that I originally got this as a part of my “Clinique Bonus”, meaning that I had absolutely no preconceptions about what it would be like.

Luckily, it would turn out to be pretty much the best thing ever. Like most Clinique products, it looks pretty unassuming. The brush is straight. The tube is black. The mascara is black (unless you buy the brown, in which case the mascara is brown). The formula is magic.

My biggest mascara-related challenge is getting the length and volume I want without my lashes deciding to form a union of ONE GIANT MONOLASH HEAR ME ROAR. This is a problem I have never faced with this mascara. A few swipes gives me lovely lady-like lashes with no trouble. The end result looks both natural and feminine. (The brown version might be perfect for a no-makeup-makeup look.) It never smudges, it lasts amazingly, and it doesn’t require gouging out my eyes to remove. Basically, this is a simple, no-nonsense mascara that epitomizes what a mascara is supposed to do.

You may need to click on this picture to see what the fuck is going on. I moved and I am still trying to figure out where in my new house I get acceptable lighting.

Although I fully intend on maintaining my collection of near-infinite mascaras, Clinique’s High Impact mascara will absolutely always be on my shelf.

Clinique High Impact retails for $16 for 0.28 oz, or $57.14 per ounce.


1. This sounds great! I migrate towards more natural/non-clumpy mascaras, and have heard so much great stuff about this one that I should just cave and try it. My absolute favorite is Armani Eyes to Kill, but I make do with Maybelline Full N Soft until I come into some money (which I assume happens upon receiving one’s doctorate, right?). This one is fortunately closer to the Maybelline in price!

2.  Everyone wins the lottery upon receiving their doctorates.

3. Love this mascara myself. It came as a sample in some Clinique bag my Aunt gave me and I adore it, not something I thought I’d say about a mascara.

4.  I have a lot of mascaras, but this is definitely my favorite!

5. An (unrelated) suggestion for a possible Beauty Bullshit post – Whish Deodorant Swipes with Hair Inhibitor. I can totally buy that the deodorant swipes can indeed deodorize, but inhibit hair growth? Is that possible in a swipe? Even if the compounds it claims can inhibit hair growth actually can, wouldn’t it likely be at a far greater quantity than your pits will be exposed to by a quick swipe with a wipe?

Also, having no idea of the capabilities of your blogging platform or your own web skills… it might be nice to have some sort of way to submit suggestions/requests aside from comments on posts?

6. I will look into that.

I have been meaning to make an email associated with this account but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Keep an eye out for it!

7. I am not the biggest fan of mascara. I am into Skin Whitening so it kind of goes against that.