Review: Darling Girl “Oh The Horror!” Halloween Limited Edition Eyeshadow Collection

To start, I want to make a simultaneous apology and not-at-all-an-apology for what was and will continue to be more sporadic posting than y’all are used to. I got a new job (I’m working for Early Head Start) and they wanted me to begin right away, but I had to give two weeks notice for my old job… so I’m just working two full-time jobs right now. As a result, I have been coming home and thinking, “Fuck blogging! My readers can go peruse my archives or something.” (Sleepy is less polite than Full Functioning Anyways, please do keep that in mind. My schedule should be more normal in a couple of weeks and then I can get back to being the anal retentive lady you all know and love.

Luckily, my drowsiness is occasionally interrupted by super spectacularly pretty eyeshadows. I actually originally saw that Darling Girl “Oh The Horror!” Halloween Collection on facebook. The very first color on the list was Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, which is this vibrant canary yellow. I immediately thought, “I need to own all of these colors.” It was a wise decision.

The full Halloween collection contains 22 eyeshadows. I’m also swatching All the Pumpkin, which was the sample that I got with my order. The collection is incredibly well-designed, with a big variation of colors ranging from bright to neutral. It has highlights, it has crease colors… There are also lots of unique shades.

I also love the square jars, which I think really set these shadows apart from some of the other indie eyeshadows that I have tried.

From left to right: Death by Unicorn, I am Pain, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Camp Blood

Death by Unicorn is a frosty baby pink with some silvery shimmer. This is one of my favorite colors in the whole lot!
I am Pain is a baby blue with a metallic sheen.
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is a straight-up traffic yellow.
Camp Blood is a warm, tin foil silver.

From left to right: the Invisible Man, Heads Will Roll, Here’s Johnny, The Count

Invisible Man is a pale lilac with teal glitter.
Heads Will Roll is a dusty, medium purple.
Here’s Johnny is a maroon-based purple.
The Count is a glowing royal purple.

From left to right: the Mummy, the Boogeyman, Frankenstein, Sleep Kills, Lonely Assassins

The Mummy is a metallic gold with a green iridescence. This is my favorite of the “neutrals”.
The Boogeyman is a taupe with pink glitter.
Frankenstein is a coppery gray.
Sleep Kills is a warm medium brown.
Lonely Assassins is an ashy gray with pink and green glitter.

From left to right: Monster Within, King Kong, Go Go Godzilla, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Seven Days Later

Monster Within is a black with turquoise and green glitter.
King Kong is a dark green with blue-green glitter.
Go Go Godzilla is a grass green with gold sparkle.
Creature from the Black Lagoon is an aquamarine with golden glitter.
Seven Days Later is a silver with both a turquoise and a pink sheen.

Bathed in Blood, Bad Ash, Ripley’s Cat, Pumpkinhead, All the Pumpkin

Bathed in Blood is a pearly medium red with pink glitter.
Bad Ash is a carrot orange with silver glitter.
Ripley’s Cat is a coral with a pink and gold shift.
Pumpkinhead is a dark, reddish orange.
All the Pumpkin is a copper-y orange with a ton of gold.

As always, I swatched these guys without primer. This is something that I sort of struggle with, because the rationale for using “two swipes no primer” is so that weak pigmentation is immediately evident to the reader. However, I have never had a pigmentation problem with loose shadows, and a bit of primer or Pixie Epoxy shows the color of the shadows a lot better. Let me know if you have strong feelings about the way that I do my swatches and I’ll do my best to accommodate reader desires.

The Boogeyman (no primer on left, over Pixie Epoxy on right)

Here are a few looks that I have done using the Darling Girl “Oh the Horror!” Halloween Collection:

I am super pleased with this purchase and would definitely order from Darling Girl again. In fact, if the option is available (the Darling Girl store is currently closed), I may re-order Death By Unicorn, I am Pain, the Invisible Man, and the Mummy in full-size versions because they are unbelievably pretty and I know I’m going to use them up in no time.

The quarter of a teaspoon of product in these petite jars weighed in at 0.7g/0.025oz. The individual shades, then, are a nice, even $100 per ounce for the mini-size. I did order a full size shadow from the Darling Girl permanent collection to compare, but it seems that I was mistakenly sent a petite jar. Assuming, though, that the full-sizes are, in fact, three times the petite sizes, they would weigh 2.1g/0.075 and, at $5.90 a jar, cost $78.67 per ounce.

1. Those are gorgeous I will have to check them out. Not a huge fan of square jars though. These may not be the same, but when Lime Crime first started doing makeup, they had loose pigments in jars that looked almost identical and I found they opened way too easily. Any time I wanted to travel anywhere with them it was a disaster!

2. Oh no! I apply everything at home so I haven’t noticed.

3. Really like the look of Pumpkinhead. The funny thing is, When I looked at I Am Pain, I did wonder whether you used primer underneath – something about the silvery edges. I prefer swatches without primer; bought the Sigma Creme de Couture palette after seeing how vivid your swatches were without primer!

4. Yup, no primer! It’s just got a bit of a shift.

5. Congrats on the new job! I hope you wear your best looks with the little ones because they LOVE anything that reminds them of princesses!! 😉

6. I’ve been keeping it pretty neutral so far, haha!

7. Such a pleasure to see my favourite indie shop featured on my favourite beauty blog! You’ve really got to try some of these shadows foiled – Darling Girl has the best duo-chromes ever.

8. I will!

9. Beautiful swatches! I don’t really have strong feelings on primer per say. I do have oily lids, however, and thus I always need to use a primer to keep it in place. So primer swatches might be a little more useful for me. Again, no strong feelings though! Thanks for showing me such a neat indie shop, I will have to check them out.

10. Tell me what you think if you try them out!

11. I would say just use your best judgement on primer… different products call for different representation. Maybe when doing a big batch of colors or a palette, do your typical two swipes, no primer routine and then just show us a handful of your favorites with primer/milk/pixie epoxy/wet (maybe one of each?! If you’re feeling incredibly generous with your time, I’d love that). Or, you could do the inverse and do the whole batch with primer and then show a handful (maybe the worst and best in pigmentation) without. Either way I don’t think anyone is going to get all butthurt about it… one would hope.

12. No one’s gotten mad so far!

13. What shade is on your lids in look number 4 if you remember? It is so stunning. I personally prefer swatches with primer because I use it every time I wear eyeshadow. I just love seeing colors in the most vivid, beautiful way possible.

14. It’s Frankenstein in both the inner and outer corners, the Mummy in the center, and Sleep Kills in the crease!

15. I just have one question that’s not really related to the entry: How do you store and organize all your makeup? Do you have to dedicate an entire room to it or something?

15. “Do you have to dedicate an entire room to it or something?”

16. Inquiring minds want to know.

17. I like the no-primer swatches but like another poster would love to see the favorites with primer – especially for shadows like these, where the primed look might shift a lot more. Actually I’m just psyched that you show them on your eyes. I don’t know if it’s just me, but red/oranges and blues always look much different to me when they are part of a look. I always feel like reds are pretty but won’t work “on” until I see them on an eye and realize they work very well. Blues always get me excited in swatch form until I see them as part of a look and realize I’d never pull it off. So many blogs swatch only on hands and I’m still left wondering what they’d translate to as a shadow.

But I’m definitely going to be buying some of these DG shadows. I’ve got a list going for when her site opens back up – some matte, some duochrome bronzes with blue shift that look cool. I’m glad you did a piece on this company!

18. Maybe I’ll try to be un-lazy and do both…

19. Love the looks you created!!!

20. These looks are beautiful!

21. What gorgeous looks! Just found your lovely blog 🙂

22. Hi There, Love you blog so interesting I really look forward especially to your DG Posts 🙂 Just wondering if you have any samples or full sizes of eye shadow, blush you don’t want I would be more than happy to buy them from you:-) please pm me at xxx