Review: Dirty Pig Bath and Beauty Tub Truffles

I should probably preface this post by letting you know that Jennifer, the owner of Dirty Pig Bath and Beauty, is a personal friend of mine. I did pay regular retail price for these products on the Dirty Pig website, however, and my opinions will be as unbiased as I can despite this potential conflict of interest.

I am a bath bomb kind of girl. When I get into a bath, I want my bath to be so smelly it’s silly. I want an explosion of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid being converted to sodium citrate, carbon dioxide, and water, and I want that to rest, fizzily, on my belly button until it’s finally dissolved. I also want my bathwater to be so hot that it turns my feet bright red when I stick my toes in, but I can’t help you there unless you want me to start reviewing water heaters.

Despite my affinity for bath bombs (and my stubborn refusal to try new things; I am the person who orders literally the exact same thing every time I go to a restaurant), I only bought a hundred million of them, and reserved $5 to try the two tub truffles. Spoiler alert: Turns out they blow bath bombs out of the water.

It’s worth noting that the packaging on these products looked pretty beat up by the time I got them. They’re wrapped in tin foil with paper labeling, which probably looked totally fine at the start if it’s journey, but ended up looking a bit amateur-craft-y by the time that it got to me. That being said, the product itself wasn’t damaged at all aaaaaaand who the fuck is going to judge you for having bent up bath product packaging? I also want to explicitly point out the size of the products: these are about an ounce. This is much smaller than the 3-6.5 ounce bath products you might buy from Lush. This isn’t a problem, but you should know what you are expecting. They are very physically attractive products. They look really rustic to me, for some reason. Wrap them in some cute gingham fabric and add some homemade jams or some shit and you’d have an adorable Christmas gift basket. You could take also de-foil them and stick ’em in a mason jar with some ribbon or something like that. I don’t know; I’m not a gift-wrapping expert. Go ask Pinterest.

I originally didn’t quite know what was meant by a “tub truffle”. Retrospectively, if I looked at the ingredients, I could have figured it out pretty quick. They contain baking soda, citric acid, bentonite clay, cocoa butter, shea butter, cocoa or lavender buds, coconut oil, sea salt, and fragrance. The first two ingredients, you’ll note, are also the principle ingredients of a bath bomb. However, there’s also a shitload of cocoa butter and shea butter. What this means is that the bath melt still fizzes like a bath bomb, but the speed of the reaction is held back by the slowly melting cocoa and shea butters. This means you get a “slow burn”. The shea butter and cocoa butter also leave you with a really nice, moisturized feel on your skin when you get out of the bath, although it’s worth noting that your tub will also be pretty slick, so keep that in mind, especially if you or the person you are buying these for have a physical disability or are elderly. Additionally, the lavender one does have actual flower buds in it, so be sure to use a strainer when you drain the tub. (If you have as much hair as I do, you’re probably using one anyways.) Because they dissolved so much slower and because of the moisturizing capabilities of the product, I definitely prefer something like this to a conventional bath bomb… and I love bath bombs. The smaller size/cheaper price is also helpful if you take a lot of baths, since you can’t really use half a bath bomb if you’re trying to keep costs down.

After some quick ingredient comparisons, it seems that these are the same principle as the Lush Bath Melts (which I haven’t tried).

Both the cocoa and the lavender truffles smell really nice, but I think a more detailed scent description would be apt. The Dirty Pig website just describes them as “cocoa” and “lavender”. The cocoa one was the biggest surprise because I was expecting it to smell really chocolatey, but it’s definitely more earthy and herby, with some black licorice scent as well. The chocolate scent is definitely there, but “cocoa” is an insufficient descriptor. The lavender one also has some herby smells. It actually smells a lot like my spice cabinet… but with a lot more lavender.

The tub truffle bath melts retail for $2.49 Canadian ($2.41 USD) for 1.06oz, putting them at $2.27 per ounce. For comparison, the Lush Luxury Bath Melt in Floating Island retails for $7.95 for 3.5oz, or $2.27 per ounce (in other words, exactly the same). However, shipping is pricier from Dirty Pig. Lush has a flat rate shipping of $6 ($8 air). Dirty Pig shipping from their website costs $15 Canadian/$14.53 US. If you don’t know what you are getting, I do recommend checking out both their website here and their Etsy page here because shipping may be cheaper on Etsy. The pricy shipping means that I won’t be making a lot of impulse buys, but I would definitely would make another “stocking up” sort of purchase.


1. The whole ‘dirty pig’ in the title is pretty rustic, too. It reminds me of Wilbur getting all spiffed up for the county fair in Charlotte’s Web.

2. Yes! I love the name. When she originally proposed it, she said she was “semi-joking”. I think it’s great.

3. This sounds amazing! Somehow I knew it would be Canadasense was tingling. I might just have to order something.

4. If they fizz, surely they can’t be the same as the Lush bath melts? Or do those fizz now? I think everything I’ve bought from Lush has been either fizzy or bubbly or melty, and never twain of them shall meet. But I haven’t tried all of their newer stuff (YET).