Review: Disney Jasmine Collection Storylook Eyeshadow Palette

If there is one place where Disney kicks ass, it is marketing. And it’s no surprise that Sephora, makeup giants that they are, wanted in on the action.

Still, when Disney and Sephora released their first collection, inspired by Cinderella, I hardly batted an eye. I don’t have a whole lot of nostalgia for any of the princesses that spend half the movie cleaning.

But then came the Aladdin collection… Unlike Cinderella, Princess Jasmine is a certified badass. If you stick Princess Jasmine (or Mulan!) on an eyeshadow palette and make the design sexy and modern… How can I say no?

It’s been 21 years since Aladdin came out. That means that women in their mid- to late-20s grew up with Aladdin in their VHS collection. Thus, this is truly perfectly timed. By the way, I look forward to the 2029 release of the WALL-E Disney Storylook Eyeshadow Palette. Don’t let me down, Sephora!

The box it came in.

The packaging on this product is truly spectacular. Although it is evocative of the movie, it manages to be both mature and whimsical at the same time.

Dude, the barcode is shaped like Genie’s bottle.
Although even the external box spends its time being gorgeous, the true masterpiece is the artwork on the palette itself.
I fucking love packaging.


Rear view.

The eyeshadows slide out of the box when you pull on the adorable pink tassel.

Fuckin’ tassels! Look at that! How have you not already purchased this?

The product itself contains 15 shadows, a deep blush and a shimmery bronzer.

After getting myself all worked up about how beautiful everything is, I pulled out my brushes and started swatching!

Two swipes of each color.

Blue Oasis: This is a soft, demi-matte aqua. If you could record the way my face fell when I swatched this, it would probably be retrospectively hilarious. This was the first shadow from the Storylook Palette that I tried, and it is super powdery and not at all pigmented. It doesn’t stay put and honestly, you can hardly put it on in the first place.
Trust Me: This is a frosty copper. It applies beautifully.
Abu: This is a dark, metallic bronze. Given that this is a fucking shimmery brown, which is perhaps the easiest eyeshadow color to make, this is pretty unexciting. (Also, I feel like I have to say it: this is NOT the color that Abu was in the movie!)
Ali Ababwa: This is the only matte color in the lot. It’s a very pale beige. I think this is the absolute worst shade in the bunch. The pigmentation is truly horrid. It’s powdery and generally difficult to apply.
Sultana: This is a pink-y champagne. Although it is hard to see in my swatch, this applies wonderfully and has great pigmentation.

Two swipes of each color.

Friend Like Me: This is the color of “mom jeans”. Its intensity is adequate, but by no means impressive.
Master: This is a dusty eggplant. Again, this applies fine, but it isn’t anything special.
Cosmic: This is a coppery light brown. This shadow is beautiful, rich, and very pigmented.
Cave of Wonders: This is a goldenrod. This is a little bit powdery, but performed acceptably.
Sand in the Glass: This is a golden beige. It’s fabulous and a great multi-use color.

Two swipes of each color.

Lapis: This is a deep turquoise. Although I think my swatches were adequate, this didn’t perform particularly well on my actual face. It easily got muddy and faded.
Mystical Wonder: This is a purple-y medium blue. Adequate pigmentation.
Rajah: This is a fantastically bold bright orange. This is perhaps the most pigmented shade in the entire palette.
Arabian Sunset: This is a sparkly orange-red. Adequate pigmentation.
Bazaar: This is a warm medium brown. This is powdery and difficult to use, which is especially ridiculous for just a generic color.

Blush and bronzer.

Thrilling Chase: This is a shimmery plum blush. I don’t think it was super flattering on my face. It ended up making me look a bit ruddy. However, I think that this would be beautiful on anyone with medium or dark-toned skin.
Golden Sands: This is a coppery bronzer. It was a bit too orange for me, but it was still workable. Again, though, this would probably be beautiful on darker skinned women.

Blush, bronzer and eyeshadows on human face.

Value: There are 15 eyeshadows, each at 0.035oz, so 0.525oz total. There’s one blush at 0.12 oz and one bronzer at 0.14oz.

If we value this palette similarly to the way that we value Urban Decay Makeup:

The Urban Decay Naked Palette costs $50 for 0.6oz ($83.33 per ounce). The Urban Decay Naked Flushed Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter Trio costs $30 for 0.49oz ($61.22 per ounce). At those rates, this palette would be worth $59.67.

If we value this palette similarly to the way that we value normal Sephora Collection products:

The Sephora Collection Natural Instincts Eyeshadow Palette costs $28 for 0.602oz ($46.51 per ounce). The Sephora Collection Colorful Blush costs $14 for 0.11oz ($127.27 per ounce). The Sephora Collection Bronzer costs $16 for 0.3oz ($53.33 per ounce). At those rates, this palette would be worth $47.16. (Although that high price is only because of that absurdly expensive blush! If you take out the blush, it is worth a mere $31.89.)

The actual cost of the palette is $55.

Given that several of the eyeshadows have very poor pigmentation, that not everything is in consistently flattering colors, and that you probably own several similar colors already, this palette is not worth the price IF you only want it for the makeup.

But let’s be real here. You want it for the packaging. And that’s totally okay! The packaging is seriously amazing! I still like this palette and am glad I purchased it despite some of the problems. But it’s worth knowing where those problems are before you shell out your cash.


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