Review: Fright Night Cleopatra False Eyelashes

A drugstore Halloween makeup display is one of the most enticing things on the planet. It’s full of products that are tacky to the point of gloriousness. There are grease paints and glow-in-the dark nail polishes shaped like pumpkins. There is hairspray that will tint your bangs green and temporary tattoos for your face. Best of all, though, is the rack of fake eyelashes. Your eyelashes can be spiders! They can be covered in fake glitter! The only thing that would be more seasonally appropriate would be to paint your entire body to look like a giant piece of candy corn. (As someone who has worked with body paint, I promise you that false eyelashes are way less of a pain.)

After much deliberation (I’m pretty sure the Rite Aid employees started giving me weird looks when I started crawling around on my knees to compare different parts of the display), I ended up picking out the Fright Night Cleopatra eyelashes. These lashes are symmetrical both from left to right and from top to bottom. (In other words, the top right and bottom left lashes are exactly the same and the top left and bottom right lashes are also identical.) They have some mod lash spikes and then a long trail off the edge with rhinestones. Go big or go home, right?

The product is super, super plastic with a big, thick black band. They’re not impossible to work with, especially since they are a really nice shape, but they might be tricky for a falsies newbie.

The lashes had WAY TOO MUCH GLUE attaching them to the plastic container. I ended up having to pick off hunks of the glue with tweezers, which you normally wouldn’t have to do before you’ve even used the damn product.

The Fright Night lashes also come with a little 0.02oz non-reusable lash adhesive packet. I didn’t really know how well the lash adhesive was going to work, so I went ahead and did one eye with the lash glue that was included and one with my regular Duo lash glue. I didn’t notice any significant differences between them once the product was applied. (Before the product was applied, Duo was less sticky.)

With that said, you can’t close the lash adhesive once you’ve opened it, so it’s only really good for one use. It’s pretty wasteful to throw away falsies after a single wear, so you have to possess your own lash glue anyways. I suppose that the included adhesive might be useful if you forgot you had to go to a Halloween party or something and you just grabbed random Halloween shit off the shelf to apply in the backseat of your car before you head to the event. “I decided to go as someone who procrastinates on their Halloween costume!”

I paid $2.99 for these eyelashes at Rite Aid, although you may run into them for slightly more or less money, depending on your local drugstore. For the price, I’m happy with them. I thought the aesthetic was dramatic without being something you couldn’t wear out of the house. (Hell, I wore these to work. I justified it by keeping the rest of my makeup simple…ish.) I even got a couple of compliments, so I know that there is at least one lady who eats at my favorite bakery who thinks these lashes look lovely. Good enough for me!


1. You pull those off *so* much better than I ever could.

Have you seen the new Revlon nail stickers?? I pretty much peed myself when I saw them at CVS and so picked up two (after great deliberation) and depending on how good they are may go back for a third. The collection at my CVS is Revlon by Marchesa, and at Ulta they have Denim and Diamonds. If you have a chance to check them out, I’d be interested in how they compare to your mega nail applique post… though if you’re still sick of nail stickers or suffering unfortunate flashbacks, I totally understand. 🙂

2. 99% of pulling something off is confidence!

3.  You look stunning in those falsies. They don’t strike me as Cleopatra-esque, though. I’m getting more of a…sexy mime impression?

Regardless, you look lovely and I would venture to say that I would not judge if you were to wear those to a non-Halloween event but they are the bomb-diggity.

4. Yeah, I don’t know where “Cleopatra” came in during the naming process…