Review: Fright Night Hair Chalk in Slimy Lime and Cryptic Blue


I found these hair chalks in the “impulse buy” section of my local Rite Aid. (By “impulse buy” section, I am referring to literally the entire makeup department.) I immediately thought, “Wow this is a really practical buy. Otherwise, what will I do if I suddenly find out that I need blue and/or green hair?” Then, of course, I gave myself a frugal high-five for purchasing a mere two colors, instead of all six-or-so that they had on display. I purchased “Slimy Lime”, which is Crayola Green, and “Cryptic Blue”, which is a primary-color blue. They are both simple, bright colors… the kind of colors that wouldn’t confuse preschoolers. (“What color is this, Billy?” “Pink?” “STAY IN SCHOOL, BILLY, IT’S A WARM-TONED FUSCHIA.”)

I have good news and I have bad news.

The bad news is that these are kind of shitty hair chalk. I found that I had a very difficult time building up any color. Furthermore, even setting it with hairspray didn’t prevent massive amounts of fading. I can tell it stayed in my hair because when I showered at the end of the night, it turned my bathtub the color of a polluted lagoon. However, it kind of hung out incognito; by lunchtime, you couldn’t really see the color at all.

I also discovered that I had to use an absurd amount of chalk. My hair (pictured below) took about half of each of those chalk containers and it is still subdued enough to appear half-hearted.

The good news is that these chalks do have one super handy purpose: eyebrow colors! It’s hard to find a good drugstore eyebrow color and, for me, eyeshadow usually doesn’t cut the mustard. They got a little powdery when used for brows, but the color payoff is good and the price is right.

Fright Night Hair Chalk in Slimy Lime on Human Eyebrows
Fright Night Hair Chalk in Cryptic Blue on Human Eyebrows

As with all drugstore products, there is some pricing variation based on raw luck. It seems that full price on these hair chalks is $4.99 for 0.1oz ($49.90 per ounce. That’s kind of pricey, especially for hair chalk, which requires about a pound and a half to really change up your hair color. For me, that’s more evidence that these will work a little better as brow product, where a little will go a long way.


1. You look very good with coloured brows. I hope you actually wore this out somewhere!

2. Just to the grocery store!

3. Have you ever tried the Hot Huez colors? I found they actually had a really good color payoff for the price, and if you were careful about using small pieces of hair you could get pretty even coverage. It’s like 10 dollars for four colors (blue, pink, green and purple), so I considered it definitely worth it.

4. I haven’t! I’ll look into it.

5. “IT’S A WARM-TONED FUSCHIA” cracked me right up. Story of my makeup addict life.

6. I immediately thought, “Wow this is a really practical buy. Otherwise, what will I do if I suddenly find out that I need blue and/or green hair?”

I feel like this is my rationale for most makeup buys. I might need this on a blue moon when the Earth is tilting 0.001 degrees closer to the sun and my skin is perfect!

Also, I recently saw an article on the importance of drinking a lot of water ( and the miraculous effect on your face. This… I don’t know. Bullshit?

7. I love your blog so much, I read it every day. I love your scientific no frills and bullshit approach to makeup, its quite refreshing. Most other beauty blogs are just sugar coated in my opinion.

I do have a request though. I am so fed up with not being able to find the right mascara. They are either too expensive to try on a whim, clump, smudge, or flake. I have fallen in love with They’re Real by Benefit but the bottle drys up so fast and too expensive to buy every month. My point is, I was wondering if the Lash Stash by Sephora is worth the buy. If you find it appealing, maybe you could do a review on it?


8. I haven’t reviewed it because I don’t like opening up a million mascaras and hastening them going bad (you only get 3 months!), but I totally do recommend it.