I not-that-recently-but-recently-enough-that-I-considered-using-recently-as-an-adverb-here received a sample of Guerlain’s ‘Cils d’Enfer’ Maxi Lash Mascara. Actually, I received a ton of samples of it, and I’ve been slowly working through them with the diligence expected of someone who is weirdly obsessed with cosmetic formulas.

Guerlain’s new Maxi Lash formula is seriously impressive. First of all, before we even get into how it makes your lashes look: it smells amazing. The scent is very floral and perfumey. If it was an actual perfume, I would say lovely things about it. Sadly, I can’t think of very many times when it would be appropriate to spread mascara on my wrists, no matter how excellent the odor may be.

It’s got a pretty standard-looking, medium sized-brush. It doesn’t looking like it will knock your socks off. The magic doesn’t happen until it hits your eyelashes: it’s the perfect mix of “yes, I can wear this to work” and “oh my god, my eyelashes look incredible!”. It’s everyday drama in the best possible way. Besides the price ($30 for mascara hurts my soul a little bit), the only drawback to this mascara comes right when you pull the wand out of the tube: it leaves you with a hunk of gloopiness right at the end, that you will need to scrape off.

Guerlain Maxi Lash retails for $30 for 0.28 oz ($107.14 per ounce). For comparison, Clinique High Impact retails for $16 for 0.28 oz or $57.14 per ounce.

1. That mascara looks great on you. Really gorgeous. Now I want some.

2. Thank you!

3. Is the wand in the sample the same as the wand in the full size?

4. It is, yes!

5. Wow, that looks amazing! Really natural and dramatic at the same time, impressive.

6. That’s what I love about it!

7. gorgeous, hellocampcomfort.com! I like the result on you 🙂

8. Thank you!

9. I have some Guerlain blush (which is the most expensive bit of cosmetics that I’ve ever bought), and it smelled just like the sample of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir that I got.

10. They know how to make things smell fabulous!

11. That mascara really opens your eyes up! I can’t shell out the money for a Guerlain mascara, but I love getting Guerlain mascara samples. I always enjoy them.

12. Little changes can make huge differences!

13. Cils d’enfer means eyelashes of hell in French. Not really sure what Guerlain was going for with that.

14. I love it.

15. what blush are you wearing? Such a nice flush!