Review: Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation in Vanilla

I’ve been playing with this foundation for a while and some of y’all have caught on to this fact and have started pestering me for more information. However, you’ve had to wait, as it took me a really long time to make my official conclusions about this product. The question was never “do I like this product?”; It was “do I like this product fifty-five dollars an ounce?” At that pricepoint, mixed feelings get the sad trombone noise and you move on.

Hourglass Immaculate is a really unique foundation. The “liquid-to-powder” shit is no joke. I have never used a liquid-to-powder item that is as no-nonsense-it-just-fucking-works as this product. Although I find myself lusting after the concept of a full-coverage powder foundation, the finished look when I use Hourglass Immaculate is so close to my imaginary, awesome full-coverage powder in appearance that I should probably just sit down and shut up. As soon as you blend the liquid into your face, BAM, it’s a powder.

Sadly, there are a few negatives associated with this incredible property. The first is that it has a tendency to get streaky if you don’t know how to handle it. Even though I usually love brushes for liquid foundation application, this is a product where my fingers really give me the best control. I also strongly recommend using a lighted, magnifying mirror so you can identify streakiness the second that it occurs. If you miss it, it’s now a powder and you have to wash the steak off and try again, as you can’t just layer more foundation on top. (Trust me, that’s a recipe for cake-face.)

The other big problem is that you can’t put concealer on top. Normally, I do my concealer on top of liquid foundation because it lets me “fill in the gaps” that my foundation didn’t cover. The powder finish means concealer has to come first.

These caveats aside, I unequivocally adore this foundation. It has excellent coverage and it can leave even the oiliest of skin with a perfect matte finish all day. The shade range is pretty good in terms of fair-er shades, although it looks much more sparse on the darker side of the spectrum. I wear “Vanilla” (described as “very fair with pink undertones”), although “Shell” could conceivably work in the summer.

Tarte 12H Amazonian Foundation in Ivory on the left, Hourglass Immaculate in Vanilla on the right.

I would definitely recommend this to a very specific subset of makeup-seekers:

  1. You must already love makeup. There are lots of foundations that are easy to work with, and this just isn’t one of them. If you already feel really comfortable with makeup application, you can make this sucker look flawless. If not… it will just be frustrating.
  2. You must have really greasy skin. The uber-matte powder-thing can be awesome, but any dryness will look terrible underneath. Bonus points if your oily skin usually causes foundation to migrate throughout the day.
  3. You must be able to justify spending $55 on a single fluid ounce of foundation. That’s obviously a shitload of money for foundation.
  4. Obviously, you must want a matte look with plenty of coverage.

I can justify the slightly absurd cost because there is literally no similar product on the market. I like the effect, so, for now, I’ll soldier on! I tend to wear this for fancy events or when I suspect I might get kind of sweaty.

1. Thanks for the heads up about the application issues. I have been super curious about this but never thought I would ever pay THAT MUCH for a foundation. But I managed to snag a discount, so I decided to go ahead and try it. I’m almost hoping it’s not that great so I won’t be pining after it at full price. Just FYI, on they sell the full-size foundation in a set with a 0.33 fl. oz. bottle of their fancy-pants primer for $55, so you get a little bonus.

2. If you can get a sample first, I would recommend it!

3. I had a sample of this but I didn’t love it, simply because when I applied it it immediately pilled up all my moisturiser/sunscreen underneath! I also noticed the streak factor. Now I’m tempted to find another sample and give it a go with something different under it, though!

4. Huh. I’ve never had any pilling issues with it!

5. Looks like a great product, but I definitely can’t justify that cost!

6. Totally fair. It’s quite pricy!

7. I absolutely adore this foundation. I pretty much rhapsodized about it on my blog ( I use the Hourglass foundation brush and have no streakiness issues. And I did use concealer on top–I have the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit, so I just use the powder side to set it in and make it blend.

As someone who has oily skin my whole life, this foundation has been a godsend. Too bad my skin started getting a little drier recently!!

Shani x

8. I’ve tried concealer and powder over it and it just doesn’t work for me! It’s possible that I’m putting on heavier layers of the foundation than you are, and that might be the reason.

9. Thanks for doing a review of this! I received a sample of Hourglass months ago from Sephora and felt like I had found the Holy Grail of foundation. It blew the BB Cream I was ordering from South Korea completely out of the water. The reason it took me forever to order a full size was the huge-ass cost. I finally sucked it up and ordered it–whimpering as I did. I haven’t had any issues with it so far–no streaks or dryness. I almost wish I didn’t love it as much as do because damn so expensive.

10. Have you tried the L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation? Similar concept.

11. I haven’t, but from what I have heard, they sound pretty different!

12. Which primer have you been using with this?

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