Review: Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation in Light 44

I’ve been having this fantasy of the perfect, full-coverage powder foundation. I’ll put it on my skin and it will conceal the angry black and red marks all over my face, leaving me with a lovely matte finish. I thought that, perhaps, the Tarte Powder Foundation would be my savior. Alas, that was not the case. So, my next attempt at a holy grail was the Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation.

I’ve already reviewed the Kat Von D Lock-It Liquid Foundation in Light 44. Quick recap for those of you who have forgotten: coverage was great, packaging was great, color was the faintest hair too dark but definitely wearable… but it broke me out. I think that Kat Von D products are super solid, though, so I was eager to give the powder foundation a try.

Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I really don’t have a Sephora within access. However, as luck would have it, the powder foundation had the same numbering system as the liquid foundation. I ordered the Light 44 online.
I can’t help but note this explicitly: The packaging is impeccable. Some of Kat Von D’s products look a little gimmicky and juvenile (I’m looking at you, Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book!) but this is really perfectly done. It’s both hard and girly. It looks expensive. It has a distinct personality. The mirror flips up to reveal an applicator below. I truly think that this is gorgeous and it just epitomizes what makeup packaging should be.

The powder is finely milled, although I found a few kind of weird lumps in it that are mysteries. It looks like my foundation has acne to match my chin.

The first time I applied it, I used a fluffy powder brush, but the coverage that gave me was negligible. Luckily (?) my youtube ads are creepily tailored to me. (Facebook ads are even worse, since I search a lot of things I don’t want to buy for you lovely people. It reminds me every day, “Are you SURE you don’t want to buy that perfume you said smells like bleach? You google searched it. Once. Two months ago.” I need to re-install adblocker, y’all.) So, one day, when I was trying to watch Lady Gaga play the piano, I got treated to a three minute video tutorial by Kat Von D about how to use her powder foundation. The video insisted that I use the weird circular sponge that came with the compact. I obliged.

The good news is that the coverage it offered very nearly qualified as full coverage. The bad news is that it looked like I was rubbing brown paint on my cheeks. For reasons that I will never understand, they made Light 44 in the powder foundation way, way, way darker than its liquid foundation counterpart. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, since I could just exchange it for the lighter color. However, even more inexplicably, they just didn’t bother making a lighter color for the powder foundation.

Both of the Kat Von D foundations have been particularly frustrating for me because I can see how close they are to being my perfect product. The coverage and consistency are there. That just makes it so much more painful when I am unable to wear them. This would be a great product for anyone looking for a medium-high coverage powder foundation, but only if you are a tan-ish white person. Just be cautious if you’ve only been color-matched in the liquid foundation, as they definitely are not the same.

Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation retails for $34 for 0.31oz, or $106.68 per ounce.

1. What a bummer that the powder did not work out. I have only tried the palettes and have 2: Ladybird (all matte neutral) and Saint (shimmer neutral). Love the shadows, some of my favorites.

2. She has some great products… and this would be great for someone who isn’t me.

3. I just bought my first compact foundation since HS – to function as a powder sunscreen. I am kind of loving it though and have been using it all the time. DIOR Diorskin Forever Compact – I am also fair/pink. Ivory was very very light. I ended up getting Cameo/22.

4. The acne on your powder might be oil residue from your face. At least that’s how it is with eyeshadow I believe.

5. Just a thought – they didn’t make the lighter color (Light 42) because they knew they were discontinuing the liquid in that color. It’s sent me into a mad frenzy of a foundation hunt. (Though I was brought to your blog by eyeshadow price per ounce charts, I seem to be sticking around.)