Review: Kat Von D Spellbinding Lipstick Set

It’s holiday release season in the makeup world. I guess we’re all going to just go on with the facade that we’re buying these enormous sets for family members and, not, say, hoarding them in our vanities for ourselves.
One of the Kat Von D Holiday Releases is a lipstick set containing ten mini lipsticks. At 0.042 ounces each, these are each about 2/5 the size of the full size 0.11oz lipsticks. Five of them are available in a full sized version (Backstage Bambi, Lovecraft, Underage Red, Ritual, and A Go-Go) and five are brand new to this collection (Thin Lizzy, Mau5, L.U.V., Bachelorette, and Vampira).
The colors vary pretty wildly, from “out there” colors like purple to really wearable neutrals. I was expecting a little more variation in the finishes, but it’s not a big deal. All of them have a creamy, smooth texture and a glossy finish, save one, which is a glitterbomb. (“Foiled” or whatever we’re calling this shit.) Because of the color variation, this is definitely a product for someone who loves to switch up their look.Like most of Kat Von D’s products, the packaging is really lovely. Unfortunately, there is one absolutely fatal flaw. Someone who was not thinking very hard decided that it was a good idea to stamp product numbers in the exact same spot they wrote the shade names. As a result, you have to open each tube in order to figure out what it inside of it. When you have ten of these motherfuckers, that is a huge ass pain.

Pigmentation on all of these was really nice, with one exception– I thought that Lovecraft was a little weak actually. You could build up to opacity, but only with a few swipes of color.

Here’s a little more information about each color:

Backstage Bambi is a bubblegum pink that incredibly reminiscent of the hard, bland gum you got at Halloween when you were eight. Luckily, the color translates much better to lips than it does to candy.

Thin Lizzy is a medium-dark Halloween-y orange with tons of glitter. I think the color is really pretty, but the level of glitter makes the texture feel gritty and unpleasant on my lips. If you’re going to a Halloween party, though, this is definitely your lipstick!

Ritual is a lovely brownish pink color with a bit of shimmer. It looks like a nude lip that is kicked up a notch!

A Go-Go is the absolute perfect non-apologetic orange. Crayola marker orange, if you will. It’s just a hair darker and more intense than my Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar in Beta.

Bachelorette is a popsicle red. It’s a red that feels, in it’s heart of hearts, that it should have been a pink. This is one of the all stars in this collection!

Lovecraft is another pink color with some brown in it. It’s a little pinker than Ritual (which skews more orange/brown), it’s a little lighter, it’s got less shimmer and it is less pigmented. That being said, it’s definitely in the same color family as Ritual and will probably appeal to many of the same people.

Underage Red I feel like I have to hate on principle because I find the name beyond inappropriate. If I am spending money, I am just not going to spend money on a product that seems to be making a joke about pedophilia. I’m just not going to. The color is a bright, warm red.

Mau5 (they definitely have a music theme for some of these names!) is another one my favorites. It’s a huge bummer that it is not availible in a full sized version. It’s a dark, dramatic and slight shimmery red with some neat-looking pink undertones.

L. U. V. is a wonderful medium purple. If you took OCC’s Hoochie and you made it darker and dustier, this is what it would look like.

Vampira is the third of my favorites favorite. It’s super vampy, but wearable at the same time.

I also did a “four hour and a meal” test with three of the lipsticks: one dark, one neutral, and one red. All three passed easily.

The entire set retails for $39 for 0.42oz of lipstick ($45.24 per ounce). A typical Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick costs $19 for 0.11oz ($172.72 per ounce). If you presume that the lipsticks are worth the same amount, ounce per ounce, this kit is worth $72.55, with each lipstick being worth $7.25. This means that the kit is still worth it even if you only like some of the lipstick colors. 39/7.25= 5.38. Thus, as long as you like six out of ten of the lipsticks, you’re getting a pretty good deal. (Although I’m sure you can get away with putting unwanted colors in a gift basket or two when the holidays roll around.)


  1. ooo!! Your hair looks amazing in the after picture with Vampira!

2. Thank you!

3. Wow, great value. I’ve been hesitant to purchase anything from her makeup line because I kind of dislike her as a person/celebrity/character/whatever her persona on TV is, but I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about the makeup, which makes me want to try it.

4. I have no opinions about her persona, but her makeup is really solid.

5. I kinda feel the same way – am I really taking makeup advice from somebody who tattoos her FACE? But the products and the packaging always seem to call to me.

6. Yeah honestly Kat Von D seems like a pretty horrible person, in a lot of ways. I liked her at first but after that whole thing with Sandra Bullock’s husband, etc…ick. Anyway, I may have to give up and try some of her makeup again. (I used to have an eye shadow palette of hers that was pretty good.)

7. Been dying to try these but they don’t sell it in Australia, Vampira is my favourite!

8. They need to get you guys a Sephora!

9. ‘Underage Red’? What were they even *thinking*? That’s beyond awful. Too bad, because I kind of like the color.

10. Same here!

11. I took it as a joke about underage girls wanting to look older and not knowing about makeup so they just go with the thick, black eyeliner and the brightest red lipstick they can find.

12., you buy everything I want to buy and wear it with the exact same eyeshadow I’d pick. You’re brilliant. ALAS I CAN’T GET THIS.

13. We’re clearly twins!

14. I LOVE how Ritual looks on, they all look pretty good. Underage Red I do not like, not even because of the awful name, the colour is just a bit…blah.

15. At least you won’t be tempted to buy it!

16. Lovely colors! (Just hate the “statutory rape red” – ick.)

I am going to pretend that I’m buying these sets as a gift “for my cousin” and put them in the closet until mid-December when I will decide that I need to keep them for myself.

17. “Statutory rape red”– that’s a good way of putting it. :/

18. this reminds me of something I’ve been wanting to ask – when you do your “four hours plus a meal” tests of lipstick, HOW do you get your lipstick to last four hours? Mine seems pretty weak even after my morning coffee, no matter what brand I try. Do you apply, then blot, then apply again? Line? Use some type of lip primer?