Review: Laura Geller Balance ‘n’ Brighten in Porcelain

Although this product is being touted as a baked foundation, let’s get one important thing straight: this is not a foundation. No matter how almost-but-not-quite-perfect your skin may be, this will do absolutely nothing for you if you are expecting a foundation. Women’s bikinis in men’s magazines have more coverage than this “foundation”.

Indeed, it seems that even the Laura Geller team don’t truly think that this is a foundation, as they encourage you to wear it “with your favorite base“. I don’t know of any other foundations that suggest that you wear them on top of another foundation.

That being said, if you are not expecting a foundation, you may find that you like this product. I have been using it as a finishing powder. It is nice and finely milled, and does a great job at correcting redness in your skin and blurring any glaring makeup mistakes you may have made.

The product is a marbled swirl of tan, pink, and white. There’s no particular reason why it would need to be swirled, but it sure does look pretty.

On my skin, it has the very, very, very faintest hint of shimmer, which brightens up my whole face without being a glitter bomb like, say, Too Faced

This product retails for $33 for 0.32oz, putting it at $103.13 per ounce. This leans a bit on the pricey side, but it’s honestly not an unreasonably high cost given the quality of the product.

For comparison, theBalm’s Sexy Mama comes in at $80 per ounce. Laura Geller Balance ‘n’ Brighten, though, feels much more luxe and requires less product. The soft sheen looks very natural, which can sometimes be a problem with products that are too mattifying. Finally, it can also correct redness, unlike most finishing powders. To me, these attributes strongly suggest that this product is worth the additional cost.

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Looks like a great products- almost like the Mac Mineralize skin finishes!

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