Review: Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Bare Pink and Baby Doll

The days you want to make an impression are not the days you want to wear Laura Mercier. If someone says, “In America, even teenage girls are overly made-up. And when you are overly made-up, you send out the message that you are overly sexual, that you want to be visible to attract men”, well, you just can’t trust their opinion on red lipstick or purple eyeshadow.
Laura Mercier’s products are solid but boring. Sometimes, though, that’s what you want. If you find yourself in that boat, congrats. I have the lipgloss for you!

I have two 0.1oz mini Lip Glacés, but the full-size lipglosses are 0.15oz. (If these look like someone smooshed them, though, that’s why!) The product comes in 25 shades, nearly all of which are some variation of light to medium pink.

The product applies with a doe-foot applicator. The texture isn’t sticky, but it’s on the thick side. It feels like something that might harden on your lips as if it painted that is perpetually wet.

Bare Pink is a peachy, warm-leaning baby pink.

Baby Doll is a cooler, darker bubblegum pink with a hint of iridescent rainbow glitter.
On my face, Bare Pink “nudes out” some of my lip color. It’s so sheer and insubstantial that it works as a “not-really-a-nude-lip-but-we’ll-pretend-because-we-have-weird-fears” color for even the most nude-lip averse.
Baby Doll is a pretty conventional light pink gloss.
Overall, the glosses aren’t sticky and are perfectly nice colors. There’s nothing wrong with them. And it’s good to have something un-fuck-up-able in your collection. For example, I wore Baby Doll today after I lazed around too much in the morning and had to get slap on my makeup in five minutes. Could it be Laura Mercier? Sure! Could it be a million other brands with near-identical formulas? Absolutely!

Laura Mercier Lip Glacés retail for $24 for 0.15oz, or $160 per ounce. This definitely leans on the pricey side– Buxom Lip Glosses retail for $19 for 0.15oz ($126.67 per ounce) and Dior Addict Gloss is $29.50 for 0.21 oz ($140.48 per ounce).


1. This stuff in Bare Naked is part of my “grownup drag” makeup, for when I have to do things like march down to the bank and yell at them for refusing to talk to me during a mortgage refinance and instead only talk to my husband. The kind of thing where you can’t really break out the glitter eyeshadow and vampy lip without undermining your point. It’s got just enough “I am a grown-up woman who knows how to walk in heels and use the right fork” about it without being too “I sometimes hang around behind clubs waiting for the band to come out so I can get, uh, autographs.” It is, as you say, unfuckupable.

2. This is an excellent use of this product!

3. Bare Naked look great on you, but I agree – unfuckupable doesn’t really justify the price tag. I want fuckupable not fucked up before I spend the money on a pricier gloss.

4. Yeah, I’m confident that a drugstore project could take care of this need for you if you wanted it to.

5. “There’s nothing wrong with them.” Endorsement of the year!

6. That’s what we here North of the border like to call a Canadian compliment. Things like, “Well, I guess it was okay.”, and the ever popular, “It didn’t kill me, so, ya know…”

7. This lip gloss definitely didn’t kill me.

8. “Laura Mercier: It’s not fatal!”

9. Your hair is glorious. That is all.

10. Thank you!

11. I just found your blog tonight, and I went through ten months worth of postings in three hours–you have such a refreshing perspective! Is there any way to contact you (via email, private messaging, etc) aside from commenting on posts?

12. SOON.

13. Does the pale pigment settle into lip lines at all? I tend to find that happens quite often with pale colored glosses, and although it looks great from a distance, up close it looks kind of diseased… 😛 Pet peeve of mine!

14. Nope! I have that problem with lipsticks more than lipglosses, personally.

15. Wow. That quote really makes me want to buy her products. *said dripping in sarcasm*

16. Yeah, that was definitely a counterproductive message if she wants to be appealing to American markets.

17. It’s hard to get excited about pale lip glosses. I mean, Laura Mercier is a solid option, great, but it’s not the kind of thing that will see me whipping out my AMEX. (This is not a criticism of your review, rather a “meh” at lip glosses in general.)

18. Yeah, lipglosses are never very exciting, honestly.

19. I have a friend who dubs all of my favorite shades “grownup makeup” so both these shades gave me itchy-purchase-finger.


21. Is anyone else creeped out by the fact that this woman apparently thinks that makeup is for women “even teenage girls” to indicate that they’re “sexually available to men”….and thinks that a lipgloss called “Baby Doll” suits this goal neatly?

I mean. C’mon, Laura.

22. Yeah, definitely not my favorite naming… I hate infantilizing makeup names in general!