Review: LORAC GLOgetter

After my amazing experiences with the LORAC Pro Palette and the Mint Edition palette, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on LORAC GLOgetter, a budget-priced palette that aims to deliver some amazing summer colors.

The packaging isn’t fancy, but it is sturdy and does not betray its $20 price tag.

In the pan, the shadows are gorgeous. The mix of wearable neutrals and bright colors makes the palette appear both practical and exciting. It contains two highlight shades: a cream with a hint of a shimmer and a glammed out ecru. The shadows include a warm, matte brown (the only matte in the palette), a tan, a carroty orange, a Princess Jasmine’s pants turquoise, a denim blue, a mauve, a blue/gold duochrome, and a dusty purple.

Unfortunately, their virtues are less evident when you actually try to use them. Although (weirdly) they swatch perfectly nicely, their pigmentation is very much lacking on my face. If you press your brush into the hard shadows firmly and drag the brush in a hard, strong line against your arm, they look totally fine. Use a delicate crease brush, though, and you’ll find your eye didn’t acquire any color at all.

Two swipes of each color, no primer.

Furthermore, if you do manage to get a decent eye look out of these uncooperative shadows, the bright colors have the staying power of a four-year-old at Disneyland. A few hours later, that gorgeous duochrome you applied looks muddy and gray.

LORAC GLOgetter retails for $20 for 0.6oz ($33.33 per ounce). Certainly, in comparison to LORAC Pro, which is about $107.50 per ounce (three times the price!), this seems like a steal. Indeed, I have seen a substantial number of bloggers specifically observe the low quality and poor pigmentation of these eyeshadows and then recommend this palette anyways because LORAC is normally expensive. That is a totally invalid reason for purchasing a palette. It doesn’t matter if LORAC is normally the bee’s knees when it comes to eyeshadow. If these shadows are shitty, they are shitty, and you should save your money. End of story.

One could make the argument, though, that this is worth $20, and I am not sure if I would adamantly dispute it. If you are willing to really layer on the color and you’ll put up with substantial fading throughout the day, this product may still be worth your cash. However, claiming that this is up to the standards of normal LORAC eyeshadows is completely false. If you are looking for LORAC-quality shadows at a discount price, this is not the place to look.


1. Thank you for the review. I saw this pallet advertised and I was tempted because I love Lorac shadows and the price is so low. I’m happy to know not to bother. I really have to wonder why companies produce these poor quality pallets because if it was the first time I’d tried their product I’d never buy another thing from them.

2.  I absolutely agree! They would be much better off producing a very small palette (like a quad) with the same quality to demonstrate how good their shadows normally are to people who don’t want to splurge on an untested brand.

3. So glad I read this! It was on my “loves” (shopping list) at for my next order. My go-to palette is the Lorac Pro for sure. It’s too bad this isn’t nearly as nice since it has more of a color variety. Thanks for saving me $20 😉